The wombs are here. (Well, there)

palimpsestMay 5, 2012

I picked up the womb chairs from the auction today, and they are being stored in a friend's extra bedroom because my apartment is on the market.

The orange one is bleached almost white in some areas and is mostly pale peach. The fabric is orange hopsack with bright green flecks, I am guessing 60s. It may be a reupholstery, the bottom is not done in Knoll fashion.

The brown one is as hard as a rock. Picking up the cushions is like picking up a sack of lumpy baseballs. The back cushion is it's ottoman cushion, I think. I am saying 1950s latest on this one based upon fabric.

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Are you happy? I imagine you must be. I can see these redone and resting happily in your amazing LR.
Good luck with your showings~ hope it sells really soon!

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I am, because I have wanted a womb chair for years and this is really the only way I could justify getting one, and when a pair came up, I thought I'd better get a pair or I'd never get to sit in it anyway. I can also get them upholstered in the Knoll fabric of choice, since they are in such lousy shape. If I had gotten one in decent shape I probably would've lived with the upholstery whatever it was (or not bid if I hated it.)

They sold some Mccobb in this auction too, Loribee.

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VERY nice. Congratulations. I know you can't wait to get them finished and in place and I can't wait to see what you choose for them.

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Congrats! I'm sure they are going to be awesome when finished.

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Wonderful, congratulations. Looking forward to seeing them again revived a bit.

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Do you recall what McCobb pieces?? Still thinking about what to do with my kitchen set...

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Rago Arts
Discovery Auction April 20th 2012

Here is a link that might be useful: Mccobb

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Very happy for you, and I am looking forward to seeing them reupholstered. I checked out the link to the auction house and it was a lot of fun looking at the upcoming art auction. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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Those are going to be terrific. Will be fun to see what fabric you choose.

So happy for you. Hope your old place sells soon.

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Thank you fun to see the McCobb pieces!

Let us know what fabric you decide on. :)

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I noticed that a couple of lots sold at this auction have already made it onto 1st Dibs.

Some of the lots went for quite a bit considering it was a no-reserve auction. The proximity of the auction house to Manhattan drives prices to a certain extent.

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It has been some time since those chairs have seen any love. I'm so glad they have found their way to you, pal. I can't wait to see them finished.

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Archival Fabric : top row is very similar to what is on faded peach chair

Knoll Velvet (mohair) and Knoll Cotton Velvet

Knoll Felt / Knoll Classic Boucle

Knoll Luxe fabrics (a separate division)

Between these fabrics there is about a factor of 5 in price.
A couple of these are about 5x as much per yard as the least expensive.

Any of the above would work with the carpet. A couple are almost dead on matches for something in the rug, others are not but still look good (at least virtually, no real samples yet)

It's possible these could get recovered in the new place so maybe these would get one of the pricier fabrics since they take so much less yardage. They aren't quite as bright irl, but they may still be a bit strong in the new house.

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