LOOKING for: Hawaiian Recipes

eileenlaunonenJuly 13, 2010

I truly dont remember ever making any sort of Hawaiian food. I was in Hawaii many years ago long before I had a passion for cooking. Ive been asked by a friend who is having a Hawaiian themed party for 25 guest to help with the cooking. So far Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs are on the menu.....Can anyone help with/share recipes with me. My sil has a recipe for Hawaiian Chicken but she cant find it. Thanks

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there's Hawaiian food and the cross cultural foods of Hawaii, one Hawaiian food lomilomi salmon commonly served at a luau is simple,easy and a great salad like dish for warm weather. salt brined salmon diced (a short cut use lox), tomatoes diced,chopped onions, green tops of scallions for color. some chili pepper flakes if you want a kick but i don't.serve chilled.
hummm, i think i'll make some today

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Used to live in Hawaii so I have a lot of recipes we learned to eat and cook while we were there. I just checked my favs and some sites are no longer available. Here are a couple you might like.

Hawaii Electric, HELCO used to sponser a show that had a local guest cook every week and they had great recipes. I am a little tight on time and can search for it now. Good luck. As you know Hawaii is a melting pot and nowhere is it shown more than in their foods. Japanese, Phillipino, Korean weigh heavy but other countries have influenced.
Do you have in mind a side dish, a dessert or entree type? I'll check back and see if I can help more.

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Thank you I will check those sites. She wants to serve 4 hot dishes one being a vegetable. I asked about Coconut Rice but she wasnt to keen. She wants Hawaiian Chicken also!

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Thanks I haven't tried to link anything here is years and was surprised when it didn't happen. LOL Back to the drawing board for me.

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If it's not too late, I have a couple good ones...

Kalua pig - Take a large pork butt or shoulder, put it in a roasting pan, fill with about 3 inches of water, pour a small bottle of liquid smoke (about 3 to 4 ounces) season with sea salt and pepper, cover with tin foil and bake about 4 hours on 425 or until it shreds with a fork. Mix chopped uncooked cabbage into shredded pork and serve with steamed rice... Delicous!

Shoyu chicken - Mix one bottle of shoyu soy sauce with two pounds brown suger, sprinkle with red pepper flakes and 1-2 tablespoons ginger. Marinate chicken thighs (or any chicken pieces, but thighs come out awesome) bbq and serve with steamed rice.

Also, I like to make potato mac to go with both these dishes.

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