24' Gas Ranges - Help me Choose!

TinyKitchenGalApril 28, 2011

I'm renovating my bite-sized kitchen and swapping out my 30" electric range for a sleek 24" gas number.

I've narrowed it down to 5 options, none of which are available in a store near me to see in person, so I'm relying on web reviews and advice from YOU to guide me! Here are the options:

1. Verona: http://tinyurl.com/3hscosq

2. Avanti Elba: http://tinyurl.com/3edpxzy

3. Smeg: http://tinyurl.com/3hqd3cw

4. Premier Pro Series: http://tinyurl.com/3cbfbca

5. Fisher and Paykel: http://tinyurl.com/3bgv5og

What's most important to me in a range:

1. oven capacity

2. quality of the appliance

3. look and feel of the appliance

If I'm missing anything in the same ballpark price-wise, please let me know.

And THANK YOU for your expert advice!

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I went with the 24" gas Delonghi, though I found very few reviews of it. It's been sitting in a warehouse since October-- so long that the brand has changed to Verona! I have not actually seen it in person yet, but it is to be delivered tomorrow and I will update post and give you an honest assessment:) I will also try to post pictures if that helps. The only nice small range I was able to view and touch was the Bertazzoni, which I felt was out of my price range, but oh so beautiful.

I almost went with the Elba, but didn't like the gold knobs (yes, they are gold--I emailed Avanti). I don't cook a lot, so appearance and price were most important to me. I considered FP, but thought it too contemporary looking for my vintage inspired kitchen. Reviews on the Premier's quality weren't all that positive as far as I could find. I did not do much research on Smeg.

Isn't it frustrating trying to find info on mid-priced small appliances? I'll let you know what I think of the Delonghi/Verona asap!

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Smeg are Verona are popular in Europe. If you get Euro design magazines, they often have Smeg or Verona. No personal experience. I really like the Smeg knobs.

The high BTU seems to be about 12K. This should be adequate enough for boiling water for pasta. I have had gas ranges(prob $500 type at Home Depot) without high BTU and they are useless,IMHO. I would rather have had electric coil.

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Thanks to you both! Sprayurdog - i would LOVE to see photos, please. Gold knobs- noticed those....kind of looked Viking-esque to me.

In your research, did you do some digging into oven depth, width, height? The Verona has pretty good interior dimensions, but I'd love to know if your standard cookware fits inside.

I'll look for an update tomorrow. enjoy the new range!

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I'm tiny kitchen, small appliance obsessed, wondering if you'll also be replacing dishwasher or fridge and what size and brands are you considering? Also, where will you put your microwave?

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Sparyurdog -

The only full-sized appliance I'm going with is the dishwasher. It's 24", like the range.

For the fridge, i'm pretty smitten with the fagor, http://tinyurl.com/6jnan9g, but there was a deal to be had on the GE 24" bottom freezer fridge. so....GE it is. It'll be OK. it's a little smaller on the inside (shorter than the fagor), but it'll do the job. Neither one has an icemaker. I think the only 24" fridge with an icemaker is the Liebherr and that's serious $$.

We're getting a 24" Zephyr hood for whichever stove we end up going with. Microwave is going to go on a shelf in the penninsula. really tiny, but we don't do major microwaving, so it's OK.

We also need a smaller than normal sink. 18" instead of the standard 23". I'm thinking Moen, but the price is a little nutty. http://tinyurl.com/629aahk

if you have small sink options, send them my way.

How far along are you in your kitchen redesign? where did you buy your appliances? how does the range look?

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Hi TinyKitchen!

I am finally seeing the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. It all started in October--a total gut rehab of the 8'9" x 10' kitchen in a 1927 cottage, including all new HVAC system and a disastrous chimney removal--(entire house, every square inch covered in black soot!). I, a single woman who really doesn't know what she's doing, acted as my own GC and KD (big mistake, I think). Things are just now starting to come to together. Travertine floors and electrical are done, walls painted, cabinets in. Range and dishwasher (18" GE Monogram) were delivered this morning (local appliance store), but I only had a quick glimpse before leaving for work. The guys weren't able to install the range-the gas line has to be moved over a fraction (wouldn't you know),so they took stove out of box, but left most of the wrapping on. It's beautiful from what I can see, though it will be awhile before I can actually cook on it. I will try to get some pictures this weekend.

I decided on the Kraus 23" x 18" single bowl sink from overstock.com ($325) mainly because I liked the price. The Moen looks really nice--don't you hate how it seems the smaller things are, the more they cost?

The fridge is the Equator Conserv (also ordered online, from SmallHome.com). I would have loved the Liebherr, but my entire appliance budget was $5000, so there was no way. I seriously considered the GE, Fagor and Blomberg. The Conserv looks a lot like the 24" LG only it's taller and has a stainless handle. It has no icemaker and isn't frost-free. The inside is definitely not of the highest quality, but I think O.K. for 1 or 2 people.

I so wanted the 18" Miele or Bosch dishwasher, just wasn't willing to shell out that much for something I barely use.

Sorry this is so long winded, it will just be such a relief to have a kitchen again:) It's amazing, though, how one learns to survive on so very little. Please keep me informed on your progress. I'm really interested to see what people do with tiny spaces. A big challenge, that's for sure!

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I believe American Range also makes a 24" range.

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Here are a couple of preliminary pictures of 24" Delonghi/Verona gas range. My first impression: it's beautiful! It seems very well made with large knobs (mine are black), nice tubular handle and quality stainless finish. The grates are substantial and while I don't cook or bake a lot, oven size seems adequate. At first, I was a little disappointed with how oven racks slide into a metal holder on oven walls (different from the American ranges that I'm used to). Here's a photo:

I looked up specs and manuals on several 24" ranges (Bertazzoni, Fisher Paykel, Viking, etc.) and they all have the same oven rack system--in fact their manuals were all almost identical.

Here's a bad exterior shot--plastic wrap still on:

All in all I think this is a very nice, high quality range for the price. It's hard to believe the higher end brand names are that much better for the significant price increase.

I will post better photos once it gets installed. Hopefully, I will be able to try it out soon and see if it cooks as good as it looks:)...

PS: this is my very first time posting a picture. IT WORKED!!!!

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it's beautiful!! Sounds like you're kitchen is going to be fab....what color cabinets/countertops are you using?

also - i'm impressed that you posted a photo. i can't figure out how to do that.....

did you choose your knobs? also - where did you order your oven from? what kind of warranty did you get?

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Don't forget to look at the Aga Companion, too! Dual fuel, four gas burners, two ovens (one convection), a pretty little range. So far we like ours although we haven't had tons of experience with it.

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I went with white cabinets + soapstone counters. That's the one positive thing about having a small kitchen--it was easier to fit natural stone into the budget. No way I could have done it if the space were any larger. Have you decided on cabinets or tops, yet?

This thread was the only reason I figured out how to post photos (I think it was titled "Why am I the only one that cant figure out how to post a picture):


I hope you can make sense of the instructions, because I'd really like to see your progress.

About the knobs, I didn't have a choice-the Delonghi came with the black-Verona has stainless (I was hoping for stainless, but the black are O.K.). The warranty is 1 year, though I'm not sure if that's 1 year from date of purchase or one year from delivery date. If it's date of purchase, I missed out on 7 months of warranty. Bummer!

The range and dishwasher were purchased locally. I had a good experience ordering the Conserv refrigerator online, through Smallhome.com. Are you purchasing online?

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BlueStar makes a 24-inch all gas range in stainless steel and 190 colors (BlueStar RNB244B.) It has two 22,000 BTU burners, one 15,000 BTU burner, and a simmer burner.

I currently live in a small apartment with a 24-inch range and absolutely hate the stove. If you love cooking, a small range like this is less than ideal. Hopefully, I'll soon be able to replace my small range with the BlueStar RNB 30-inch in black and stainless steel.

Here is a link that might be useful: BlueStar 24-inch Range

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Hi. I, too, have a tiny urban kitchen (7 feet wide, 9 feet deep). I went with the 24 inch Bertazzoni all gas range, the 24 inch Fagor refrigerator and the 18 inch GE dishwasher. Love them all. Best of luck, and I'll be looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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Hi joycedc-

Could you post pictures, please? We would all love to see! Lucky you--the Bertazzoni--it is so beautiful:) for dishwasher, did you go with Profile or Monogram?

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I've never posted pictures before. If this fails, I did submit them to the Finished Kitchen section. Hope this works (if it does, please know that the yellow is not as YELLOW as the photos indicate)....

Here is a link that might be useful: JoyceDC tiny kitchen

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It looks great, JoyceDC!! I love the Berta and Fagor, especially.

Maybe we should all start a tiny kitchen, small appliances thread?? Don't know about anyone else, but I found it really difficult trying to find photos and info on most of these smaller appliances.

Thank so much for sharing:)

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Love how creative everyone is with their small spaces!

Spayyourdog - love soapstone counters. We're also going with white cabinets. I'd like to put in white marble countertops, but i'm anxious about how fragile they are, so i'm looking at (gasp!) faux marble. Reading through Gardenweb i think i've settled on Dupont Zodiaq, which (again, never seen in person other than a small sample), looks like this: http://tinyurl.com/3sa9r94

JoyceDC - your kitchen looks great! I love all of the appliances. I really love that fagor. How's cooking in the Bertazoni - are you frustrated by the size?

on 24" ranges - the Bertazzoni, Blue Star, American Range, and Aga are all out of my range price range - trying to stay under $2,000 - but they are all beautiful.

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I've again been researching 24" ranges under $2000. I did find several positive reviews on the Premier Pro this time (maybe at AJMadison?). I don't remember reading those before. Also, lots of positive feedback on the Avanti Elba-I almost went with that one--just wasn't sure about the gold knobs. Wouldn't it be a lot easier to choose if you could see the actual appliance in person? The only small sized ones in my area are apartment grade. I even drove 160+ miles roundtrip to Minneapolis (several times!), hoping for a better selection, but found only the Berta, which was out of my price range.

I really like the Zephyr hood--will yours be vented? If only I didn't have to go with a OTR microwave:(

I saw a beautiful marble-look countertop at HD--I believe it was Corian--I'll check the next time I'm there; it was very convincing. Honed marble was my first choice, but it was more expensive than soapstone, at least around here. I was told it's more difficult to work with because it's so hard to cut. Not sure I believe that, but it did cost more.

Good luck with your searches, I know it can be frustrating. Keep us posted!

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Thank you for the compliments. It is hard finding appliances for a small space. I found the AJMadison site very helpful for a side by side comparison. I was totally set on the AGA Companion and had driven to the end of the earth practically to see it in person. The day I went to purchase I found out I couldn't have a dual fuel in my condo. I was crushed. Luckily the store which had the AGA also had the Berta, so I had seen it in person. After 4 days of sulking I purchased the Berta. The Berta is great, but I did have to retire my lasagna pan in favor of a smaller one (and until I figured out how accurate the oven was I used a thermometer) because that pan was too wide for Berta.

I would still die for the AGA, but not buying it saved me a bunch of money, which was good, too. My friend has a 24" Avanti and loves it.

TinyKitchenGal: May I ask where you are located? I pretty much visited every small range/fridge/countertop place in the DC/VA/MD area and would be pleased to help.

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Joyce DC - I'm in DC! Alexandria, VA, really. Bought an old rowhouse in Del Ray. Where are you?

I would LOVE to chat. email me: piegreen [AT] gmail (dot) com?



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Wow! Small world, isn't it?! I'm in downtown DC...Dupont Circle. I will email you.

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Thanks to all for the input and especially for the photos. This is the only true source for info on small kitchens. I get such a kick from the articles in design magazines about small kitchens and then they show photos of 20 foot long kitchens.

JoyceDC, you told me about your great appliances two years ago and I still haven't pulled the trigger so I am glad to hear you still love them. I know it sounds crazy, but we cannot have disposals with our terrible condo plumbing and it is my excuse for procrastinating - maybe I should just move and get a disposal too!

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Patrushka: Aren't old condo buildings...interesting? Pull the trigger. You will be glad you did (poorer, but glad)! I really do love my appliances.

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Someone told me that one cannot have a gas stove in DC apartment buildings or condos. I can't quite believe this but several people have said so. Have you found any limitations?

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in GW forums i found lots of information about tiny kitchens and small appliances, in 2008 and 2009. We could make a new thread listing all the other threads. Hope they are still archived.

Small ovens all have about the same internal volume because their insulated walls are all about the same thickness. afaik.

There are many stainless steel sinks that are small. Ikea has several at less than $100. All the olde style manufacturers have small stainless sinks too: Elkay, Kindred, Peerless, American Standard, etc. For a stainless sink there is no need to go upmarket.

Induction cooktops 30" wide can be used as counter space too so the need for a 24"w one is not as critical.

24" w fridge information is in the http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/appl/ appliances forum.

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Yes, I think we should start a new tiny kitchen, small appliance thread. Err... I really mean you, davidro1, since I have no idea how to link to archived threads. Could you do it, please? That would be very helpful. TIA

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Thanks Davidro1 - good suggestions...looking at the Ikea site, i don't see a ton of sink options. are there more in store that aren't online?

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more than 20 sinks at Ikea.

Here is a link that might be useful: keywords kitchen+sink+strainer in ikea site

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enmnm: I haven't heard of any such law at all. My building would support a dual fuel because of the electric requirement and the fact that i live in an old building with old wiring. I have had all gas for over 25 years. I think it would depend on that the specific building would support.

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I hope I can get some updated input in response to this original thread. I am very interested in the Verona. The Avanti DG2450ss is another much lower price option, but I'm nervous about the longevity of the unit because of the unusually low price. The cheaper unit I am replacing (a Hotpoint, I believe) smells of gas when it isn't used for awhile, even though all the connection to the stove are tight and all of the controls are in their fully off position.

I hope that folks with late model 24" gas ranges can share their experiences.

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