LOOKING for: Dried Apricot Jam

minirose1July 1, 2008

Does anyone have a really tried and true recipe for apricot jam made with dried apricots? I've got one but it calls for so much orange juice that I can't imagine it having much of the taste of the apricots. Thanks

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This very old recipe from my husband's grandmother...very tried and true.

Soak 1 pound of dried apricots over night and then stew until partly done
Add a large can of crushed pineapple and 3 or 4 cups of sugar.
Add juice and grated rind of one lemon.
Cook together until thick like jam, stir often.
Pour into boiled glasses and seal with parrafin.

Now..some notes from me! Cut up the apricots before soaking...use just enough water to cover the apricots, and 3 cups of sugar is lots.
the predominate flavor in this jam is apricots.
Linda C

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Linda, thanks for the recipe. I always can apricot jam for DH and our apricot tree didn't make this year. I will try your recipe using dried apricots.

I prefer not to seal with parrafin. Would it be alright to water bath?

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LindaC, that dried apricot preserve sounds delicious. A great wintertime project. I'm cutting and pasting that one.

To answer the other question, boiling water bath is fine.


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Wow, LindaC, thanks, that sounds just like what I was looking for. Will definately give it a try.

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Dried Apricot Jam
1kg dried apricots
2.5kg sugar
2 litres water

Soak apricots overnight, drain off water, add sugar and boil. Add apricots and boil until the whole jells. A few blanched almonds are an improvement.

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