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nrginsJuly 12, 2009

I'm trying to determine the name used for this espresso drink. It's where you take espresso, pour it over ice, and (optionally) just add a little half and half.

At first I thought it was an "iced americano." But then I saw that recipes for that call for adding chilled water. This drink is not diluted that much (should be drunk before the ice melts).

I also thought it might be an "iced breve." But that requires a lot more half and half (in this one, half and half is optional, and it's only a small amount).

Anyone know what it's called when it's basically just espresso poured over ice? "Iced espresso"? :-)


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But are you interested in the recipe or only in the name of drink? Because I am italian but I don't know the name used out of Italy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Croce & Delizia

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Espresso and half and half is my favorite drink, but I can't imagine why you'd add the half and half after pouring it over ice. The ice would melt a ton and you'd get a watery drink-- the half and half cools down the espresso, and then you scoop the ice in or pour it over ice.

But if you want that, and you're wondering how to order it, I'd just order an iced espresso shot (or double, or whatever) and add the half and half from the milk bar.

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