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karpetJuly 22, 2011

I don't know if all Wal-marts are doing this, but I found 80/20 batting on clearance at our local store. The fabric dept. has been removed so it was in the wedding-scrapbooking-party section which is not an area I normally walk through but happened to see the batting when I was looking for 'Thank You' notes.


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I noticed that last week in Niagara Falls. I bought FQ bundles (5) for $5 and a Fiskers cutting board for $21 (24x36) I saw the batting but don't need it right now.


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I keep looking but nothing is ever on clearance in our Walmart fabric dept.


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Our Walmart is getting a "semi-remodel" next month and we are getting fabric back (or so they say).


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We never lost our fabric so we haven't had any sales.


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I'll have to check it out. We have one Walmart with fabric and one without. If the batting is on sale it will be gone by the time I get there. Thanks for the info.

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The Walmart nearest to me got rid of its fabric dept. completely a couple of years ago. A few weeks back, I read in the business section that they are realizing that some of the decisions they've made lately haven't been wise and that some of the deleted merchandise will be brought back in, including possibly the fabrics. So just this past week I was walking by the crafts dept. and noticed that they were stocking some of the shelves with precut fabric packages containing 2 yards each, which is NOT what I would prefer. If this is their way of bringing back the sewing customers, I think they have made a mistake, especially the quilters, who need more than 2 yards at a time.

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My walmart only has kits with fabric that is thin and scratchy with blurry prints. The only thing I miss is their 108" wide backing fabrics. They had white and off-white with a vine pattern on it. I have several quilts with it. I may still have some in my stash somewhere.


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I don't shop this facility but did have occasion where I was in one a few weeks ago. They've never gotten rid of their fabric department but when they moved where the departments are located, I noticed they certainly trimmed it to a shadow of its former self. Big box stores (regardless of what kind of boxes they are) would be better to regard that each area in which they sink a store has some unique needs and I think all boxes need to be more sensitive to address them and provide the inventory and services unique to that location. But their marketing presence allows them that prerogative, and they use it at both ends not only with the customers, but with the vendors. ;-)

As far as I'm concerned they might as well forget about material at all and just concentrate on the ancillary products with predictable inventory skus and costs like battings, tools and threads and that seems to be what they decided too. It's all about reducing labour costs.....it's the variable over which they have the most control and that not only means goods from offshore sources, but their own staffing. Cutting bolts of cloth is like custom cutting venetian blinds or meat. It's a lot more cost effective to prepackage and make their own decisions as to what you want than to let you do it yourself. Now tell me honestly........for things you normally buy in your household don't you often get rankled by what is offered in your local area and end up just purchasing what they have rather than what you want? It works, so the practise is perpetuated. That's why I am so thankful for the internet as a marketing too and I use it often. It may be the salvation of smaller, independant businesses.

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