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nannykinsJuly 14, 2014

When you start a quilt using a pattern from a book or magazine or even the internet, do you
1. Follow instructions exactly as written,
2. Follow the colour scheme,
Or do you
3. Find an easier or more comfortable way to make the units,
4. Choose your own colour way.

Asking because in the little top I finished yesterday I did not follow directions religiously. I read the directions start to finish, then do it again and see where I can make some construction changes, quicker and easier. I almost always chose my own colours and sometime I even change the size of the blocks and therefore the quilt. Earlier on I would never have" dared" to do that.

What do you do?

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I read them, but if I know a more convenient way to make the units I use it.

I hardly ever follow the color scheme and sometimes reverse the light/dark.


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If I like the colors, I'll follow, if not, I don't. If I am more comfortable in making the units my way, I'll change it. That's one of the reasons I don't care for mystery quilts. If I can see the finished block, I can usually figure it out......as many of you can, too.


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I use quilt pictures in magazines and patterns pretty much the way I use recipes: for inspiration, not for directions. I can think of only a couple times I've used a pattern - most recently on the quilt I just made for a friend who asked for a specific pattern - and we changed all the colors around on this one.

There are two quilt patterns I've been looking at for years and someday may make one or both of them: Shakespeare in the Park and Storm at Sea. I'll follow the patterns on those.


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When I buy a pattern it's usually because the colors and the design speak to me, so I often do use the same or simlar color scheme. I read the directions through but don't necessarily follow them to the letter. :)

Kate, Shakespeare is just stars and snail trail blocks - most of the design comes from using different size blocks and their placement.


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The few I've done, so far...and only a few chair blankies and right now, one crib quilt, it seems I'm a total rebel. eeevverrything seems to change (like Kate and the recipes - the pictures are for inspiration!). Perhaps one day I'll try to actually follow a pattern!! (that's why lotto blocks are so good for me! ...at least I make it through 12.5 inches of behaving.)

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I usually read through the instructions, but will then use an easier method of construction, especially if I'm able to use strip sets instead of individually cut pieces. I've always been very thrifty with my cutting/yardage.

Color may attract me to a pattern, but ultimately, I choose colors that appeal to me at that time.

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Good point, Jen. I'm usually attracted first by the colors of a quilt, then by the design. I don't see many and think "I want to make that!", but instead I'll think "I want to make something in purple and orange!" (just as an example)

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I try to be disciplined and follow the directions sometimes, but then, something happens and I don't! I tend to like to make inspirational, method - type quilts. I think that is why I buy patterns and never actually make the pattern. I know that is why I do not buy kits. Too much control to give up! haha
Theresa, I really like your quilt you just put together!

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Hmmm...when I fall in love with a fabric or collection...than I start surfing for a pattern that speaks to me for the fabric design.
When I see pattern I "gotta make" then I'm off to select fabric that I want to see in the design I selected.
I've not followed a color way in a pattern yet, but I did buy one jinny beyer wall hanging kit....although it's still sitting in the closet waiting for me.
Do I follow instructions? I tend to read them and adjust as needed. I do have a bad habit ...I tend not to read all the way through...yup..I jump in... I don't recommend this and I'm getting better about this...patience is a virtue, it's good for quilting ...right? :-)

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I don't have any rules. I do read thru the pattern (if I am following one) and may try their technique but if mine is easier the I used it. As to color: I make my own decisions. I do try to keep to values though as often that is what has drawn me to the pattern. When I was making wall hangings , back when, I did tend to follow the color scheme.

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Looks like we are all mavericks here. Although I look at a lot of quilts in magazines and online, I use it for inspiration. Last year I did follow a pattern in APQS magazine to make a quilt, it had some odd sizes and I just happened to really like the color scheme a LOT and pretty much followed it, but that's unusual for me. I'll usually see a particular pattern I like and then go to EQ and work one up in the color scheme, size and things like layout, borders, sashings, etc. that I think I might want. Many times I'll see a pattern that I like and then when I look at the instructions and how complicated it is, I'll say to myself, "as much as you hate abandoning a project, is this the hill you want to die on??" And I'll say "Sayonara". I'm kinda lazy that way. That's why I'll probably never make a Mariner's Compass or Feathered Star even though I love those patterns.

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