Living with a remodel you're not happy with

ruthie51April 10, 2013

I often read posts on GW from people who are not happy with some aspect of their remodel. I lived with a backsplash for four years that I hated; the original installer had to return three times to fix mistakes, and the final result was subpar work. Not once did we have a guest over who commented on our pretty backsplash because it wasn't. I will admit that part of the problem was our error....the honed marble we selected was not a good color choice for our kitchen....but a lot of it was poor workmanship. So, we finally decided to replace the entire backsplash after four years of admiring my neighbors' backsplashes. The work started Monday and today (Wednesday) it just needs to be grouted, and I LOVE it! It's such a nice feeling to love the (almost) final result of a remodel. I'm curious to know how others have dealt with work they were not happy with...either because the work was substandard or they selected the wrong design (or both, as in my case). Did you just make the best of it or did you tear it out? I know some changes are easier made than others. In our case, all the sheetrock had to be removed and replaced (to the chagrin of our installer). I've posted a picture of our new backsplash, before grouting. It's a honed & filled Durango travertine, with glass and stone mosaic trim. And I do love it....finally!

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Congratulations on finally getting what you wanted! I'm just curious to see the "before"

Over the years, I've lived with suboptimal decisions and things that I preferred didn't happen, mostly due to budget. But over time, I got used to most of them. The suboptimal work and bad choices in my back patio still bug us, and it eventually will get corrected. For me, all it does is shorten the usable lifetime of the item.

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Here's a picture from our first backsplash. Note the crooked seam on the 45 degree angle and the ugly schluter on top (we used schluter per the recommendation of our installer....yes, we were dumb). And you can't see it in the picture, but the cabinet on the left side is an angled door and the schluter went right into the door so it precluded us from opening it all the way.

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Oh I've lived with lots of things in our house that I'm not thrilled about, but I just ignore them for the most part. I know we will eventually get to them. Like the carpet upstairs. It's not that bad, but it's just builder grade carpet. Blah!! A couple of paint colors have come out differently then I had planned. The thought of repainting an entire room keeps me from changing it. Your new backsplash looks great!! I'm sure you feel great finally getting what you wanted all along.

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I can't answer your original question, but congratulations on getting the backsplash you wanted. I can see why the original installation would have been problematic. Did you keep something in front of that corner to try to hide it somewhat, or just have too look at it every day? Have you also repainted? The new photo looks like a gold color, whereas the old one looks rose or peach colored.

Anyway, your new, finished look is lovely.

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Yes, sail-away, we kept our Keurig coffeemaker in front of that seam! We haven't repainted the kitchen, I guess the camera flash made the walls look lighter. And speaking of repainting, we also did that in other parts of the house. We had a color designer here whose services came with the painting company we went with. We liked a lot of what she selected, but I never really liked the two story foyer and dining room selections. After living with it for two years, we finally repainted. Needless to say, we haven't taken any vacations in about six years....

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The wrong backsplash happened to me. I lived with the sample tile for weeks. Who would predict that when all installed together it would give a grey cast to the entire backsplash? It looked horrible. Within two days, it was ripped out. It took me months to make another decision. I like the way my kitchen looks now and I know there was no way the other backsplash could have worked in my kitchen.

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In the past 15 years of our marriage, we have done countless remodel/upgrade/fixes to our house. We have spent more money than I thought I could possibly spend on a house. At this point, we have stopped adding up because the actual total amount acknowledged would lead me to a panic attack.

In order for me to redo something, it depends on how much money there is in the bank account and what else I want/need to do with that money.

There is a lot in the house that is not perfect but I live with them as is. My rationale is that it is better than how it was before I remodeled.

At this point is my life, I spend more money on 'experiential' things and less on 'material things'.

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Congratulations on a second backsplash - Looks great and you will enjoy it!
I am glad it was your new one that I was seeing first as I thought it was great!

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