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dian57July 8, 2007

My 13 month old grandson will eat anything placed in his hand. My DIL gives him baby chicken nuggets and he devours them. I'm sure they're very expensive and being processed, not as nutritionally good for him as homemade.

I'm looking for a recipe for a chicken cookie or brownie that can be molded into little servings. Not necessarily breaded.

I'm thinking of a thick chicken puree with additional eggs for substance? Something I can bake and keep on hand for him.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Dianne

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How about ground chicken with added flour and egg ( can he eat egg?) to hold it together?
I would cook chicken and put it into the food processor to chop very fine....not make mush but finely chopped.
Then stir it up with egg, and flour and perhaps a little milk for moistness....and shape into patties and bake crisp....sort of crisp.
Or you could just season the ground cooked chicken and roll into crumbs and bake.
Soon he will have enough teeth to just take pieces of chicken and roll in crumbs and abke...
My son would eat anything that looked like dip....that he could scoop upw ith a chip of a cracker. So I blended cottage cheese with garlic powder and sometimes blue cheese and a little milk and he would eat that by the bucket....but don't give him a dish of cottage cheese!!
Linda C

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Thanks Linda. I tried the dip but he's more interested in feeding himself and baby fingers and dip are a messy combination. I'm going to try your suggestion and see what I end up with. And, more importantly, what he thinks of it!
Thanks again, any more suggestions?

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I know you'll probably cringe at this (I know I would if I hadn't already done it, lol) but when my son went thru that stage, I made everything into small pancakes. Bisquick, whichever mix I could find. Peas went into it. Squash went into it. Baby food with meat went into it. Easy because I could make them up fairly quickly, they were portable, and not messy at all. And most importantly, he fed himself and didn't miss any vitamins or nutrients.

Hope that helps!

ps: yes, he did survive them, he'll be 13 in August, lol!

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Eureka! Last night I made Ben tiny whole grain/sweet potato pancakes with a slice of banana in the center. He loved them. Perfect to hold and munch.

I also found a recipe for a chicken patty with egg and cheese that I was able to shape into tiny ladyfinger size and bake. Another hold and eat success!

I've got them in the freezer, bagged individually for quick access. So much better than handing him a cracker when he's hungry.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

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What if you made him chicken croquettes, but made them mini sized - more the size of tater tots? Chicken croquettes are made using cooked finely chopped chicken, mixed with a white sauce, then chilled and shaped. You then dredge them in fine dried bread crumbs and fry or bake. Most people love croquettes, and there is no reason why they have to be made in the large traditional shape and size.

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Yay! I'm so glad you were able to find something that works!!

When dealing with kids I'm still learning (and learning and learning) that you have to get REALLY creative, lol.

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Chicken croquettes. What a great idea! That's the next thing I'll try for him.
Thanks for the idea, Theresa

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How about making a stuffing, with celery, onions and apples, add chopped up cooked chicken to it. Place it in a 9x13 pan bake at 350 for 30 minutes, cool and cut into bars.

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