Espresso Colored Paint? Help!

colorfastMay 18, 2013

Hi, I am trying to find a great "espresso" brown-black hue for my bathroom cabinet. What do people recommend?

Existing colors:

Paint Chips seen above: Upper Left, RL Cargo Brown; Behr Dark Truffle; Behr Espresso Beans, MStewart Burl. Lower left, Behr Iced Espresso and RL Galvanized.

Note that is the same countertop in photos 2 and 3, just different lighting. Also the wall is the same color in 1 and 3 (disregard the nasty bright yellow glue in photo 3, to be replaced with a tile backsplash).

Below in photo 4 is my mistake, trying out a friend's custom color (which looked darker and less milk chocolate in her low-light bathroom):

thanks so much for any advice!


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Just another crazy thought. I have a quart of ORB paint that I've always thought would be great on a piece of furniture. Just haven't found the right piece.

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What color is ORB? Thanks!

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It's the oil rubbed bronze color they use on light fixtures, lamps, faucets, etc. Used it in spray form on a lamp and loved the slightly iridescent black/brown color. I was looking for a great brown/black color for a bookcase for a friend and thought it would work, she actually went another direction so it wasn't used but I still have it in the back of my mind for an accent piece.

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Here is a pic of my bedroom- BM Middlebury Brown

And 2 pics of the color of all the doors in my house- Pratt & Lambert Obsidian

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Hey, thanks guys! I love these all these ideas.

I actually have heard of Oil Rubbed Bronze but didn't know anyone sold a paint by that name too. BM? Rustoleum? I'll have a look for it.

Does Middlebury Brown sometimes read a little "purple" or is that just the photo and/or my screen settings?

I really, really like the Obsidian but admit I've never gotten P&L paints. I think I know where to get them in town. I will only need a gallon. Will check out BM and Pratt and Lambert websites for those colors and maybe a few more google images of them.

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BM Bittersweet used to be a popular color like you are describing. Haven't searched for it yet on this site, but it should bring up some pictures.

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In looking further, it's called BM Bittersweet Chocolate. I searched on GW and didn't find anything, which was strange because the color was so popular about 4 years ago when I was looking for that color.

I googled it, and up came a lot of images if you try that.

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Thanks, Ollie. I thought that one might look a little too of the first pictures I pulled up of it made me cross it off my list. Perhaps prematurely. It all seems to depend on the lighting how these dark paints look.

But given that it was 4 years ago... Am I looking for something that's on its way out?

I am not a huge trend follower but on the other hand, I don't want to intentionally date my house.

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I have one living room wall painted BM Espresso Bean CSP-30. It definitely is a black-brown like you are describing.

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Thanks, everyone. I ended up selecting RL Galvanized and having it put into a Miller brand paint. (Miller is a regional brand that is good quality.)

Galvanized is more toward black but not a true black and looked good with the counter and wall.

I also liked Behr Espresso Beans, which was a bit more brown-black. Given this was a cabinet receiving regular use, I was a little concerned about the quality of the Behr paint holding up.

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