Retreaters: I have a question for you

jennifer_in_vaJuly 16, 2012

Hello All,

For the new retreaters, in the past we've exchanged little goodies with other retreaters. These little gifts have been handmade items related or not related to quilting, FQs, flashlights, notecards, magnets, etc.

This year we have a record number of participants and making gifts (or even buying things) could be cost/time prohibitive. A few of us have already scrapped our ideas.

How about we plan on each person bringing one nice gift (maybe a little bit bigger than in the past) and we'll do a Chinese Exchange? Each person will receive one larger gift instead of 20 little ones.

Let me know what you think of this idea. If you've already gotten started on little ones, then you could proceed if you still wish, but we'd still need a larger one to be fair all around.

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Jennifer, I think that's a great idea!

I have already started on a small gift for everyone and I'll continue with that, but I really like the idea of everyone bringing one 'something' to exchange.


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I like that idea! I don't have the time so that would be great for me :-) Should we set a dollar limit (or estimate)?


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I have almost all of mine made. Perhaps we can divide up the number to exchange the small gifts - ten people exchange with ten people, for example. Limit the number.

I think some exchanging small gifts with everyone and some not, but all exchanging one larger, nicer gift could be awkward.

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I like the idea of investing time to make something for one person instead of 19. I don't mind buying something small for everyone as well but a bigger handmade item exchange would be fun. Those not interested could just step aside.

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Have been thinking about this......I plan to give something to everyone but I didn't make anything. The retreat I went to and was given some 'little' things was extra special to me as I remember who gave it to me when I use it. To my way of thinking, it's more of a 'happy to meet you/remember me' gift. Not sure I'll have time to make something by the time I get home and settled so I'd have to bow out/step aside on that.


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I like the Chinese Exchange idea myself. I'm just not forseeing time to make something this year - & since I'm near brain dead (you will see I am not kidding! lol) I have no neat ideas as to some cool small thing.

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It might be a little late in the game to limit gifts to one special thing. I've already made my gifts for each camper.
I can sit out the Chinese Exchange, no problem.


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I intend bringing a fat quarter of Aussie fabric and have these all cut up ready. But I don't mind making one special thing as well.


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Jen, This will be my first retreat and I'm excited about participating, gift or not. Love the idea of the Chinese Exchange..,they are always a hoot, and I'm happy to participate. I was advised about the gift exchange and started scheming what to make...and started.
You're a champ for getting us organized!
thanks much,

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Jen, I have most of my goodies for each quilter almost finished, but would be open to the Chinese Exchange. I have to admit that I am a little on the brain-dead side of thinking of something "big" that I could make to bring. I would be open to any suggestions!!!

I appreciate the work you put into this!

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Would the Exchange gift have to be something we made? I'm making all the small gifts - inexpensive but they take time - so I was thinking a purchased pin cushion, a nice little scissors, a basket of good quilting pins... would something like that be OK?

BTW, I'm really excited about the Australian fq from Kristene!!!


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I am up for both. I had planned on having something for each person, and can do a larger gift for the exchange too.


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I like that idea, lets do that as a game one night.


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I am working on small gifts for each of us but I can also do the Chinese exchange too.

I understand that it will be hard for some to make, or buy, and bring a gift for so many and some are traveling and have to take everything back.

I am just happy to meet everyone, the gift giving is just a small part.

Thank you for all of your hard work trying to please everyone!

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I took a tally of everyone's responses. The result was that more people were willing to do some small something for every quilter, and also one larger gift for a Chinese Exchange.

So let me set the 'rules'.
No one is obligated to do either of these programs. If you wish to have something smallish for all the other quilters, they will graciously be accepted. They do not have to be handmade at all....they could be store bought, etc. If you do not wish to (or don't have time to do small gifts) no one will be any the wiser nor will there be any frowning. We sort of just hand these out on the first night willy-nilly so if you choose not to do them, it will not come across as grossly negligent.

If you'd like to do the Chinese Exchange, please bring a gift item in an unmarked gift bag. Something in the $10-15 range. It does not have to be a made item, just something larger and thoughtful in its giving. Friday night we'll do the Chinese Exchange with those that brought gifts. Others can sit around and watch the exchange if they would like for the entertainment value.

I'd like to remind everyone that every 'program', 'workshop', and other 'activity' offered at Retreat is purely and entirely optional! There is no required participation, they are offered for entertainment and FWIW value only. There will be no hard feelings if you wish not to particiate.

"Official" information will be coming soon... Have a baby quilt due in a week and I'll be mother of the groom in 6 weeks!~ Things are a bit busy for me.

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