string quilt addiction

fran1523July 13, 2011

Lately I've been obsessed with making string quilts in an attempt to use up some of these scraps. These went to my guild's community service project.

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They came out nice, Fran! Great use of your scraps!


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Fran, I seem to have the same addiction with strings at this time that I had with crumbs a few years ago. I think I prefer the ones that have the same color-way at the center of each block as you have done.....might have something to do with trying to be in control of organized chaos. @:)

Nice quilts, Fran.


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Very nice! We get rid of our scraps and give something to someone else. A win/win!


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I like the controlled colorways also. I just returned two books to the library on string quilts - these quilts were very controlled and beautiful.
I need a bigger variety of fabrics - but I am saving them!
You guys have thought me well :-)

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Great. I like string quilts and have a crate full of strips that I plan on using someday. I like the scrappy look. Good idea giving them away, agree a win win on that one.

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Great way to use your scraps Fran. I still haven't been able to go really scrappy so mine would all coordinate. But, I'm working on this control issue.

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I like those, too! The fabric I received recently that is already cut into strips would be great for a project like this. Thanks for the ideas.


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I have also made a lot of string quilts, and usually donate them to a local charity through my quild.
What I do is cut my fabric as I go, from the left overs of whatever I am working on at the time. It is a great way to use up the scraps, plus have something on hand to work on when you do not want to be involved in a major project.... like when you want to sew, but have nothing specific in mind. By doing this by about time an idea hits you, you have a bunch of strings already to go and cut!

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Fran, those are really great projects. I need to start using more of my scraps & those are a great way to do it. I really like the second one - I have a hard time giving over to true scrappy - that one has more of a "planned" look to it!

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They are gorgeous!!! Strings are on my 'to do' list.

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