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senbabliJune 3, 2011

My realtor suggests I use Home Managers to stage my house that is up for sale. A staging company screens and pairs clients looking for temporary place to live in the homes for sale and promises to keep it clean, pay utilities etc.

Here is a link to an article that explains better:


Does anyone have any experience in this regard and specifically in Austin, TX area?

Thanks in advance,


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Does that mean you move all your stuff out? Where do you store it? If not, would your insurance be cancelled because you do not live in the home/rent/ and if someone gets hurt who pays?
Not sure if I would do it without talking to a lawyer.

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This is a timely question for me because last night I viewed a home that was being rented out and whose owner was out of state. The renter, who could have done much to make my appointment pleasant and easy, did the opposite: parked in the middle of the driveway and impeded my inspection by constant comment and barring me from certain rooms. The renter also volunteered negative and possibly false info about the home, and there were some needed repairs which the owner wrongly believed the renter had taken care of. This would have been a very good application for something like the Austin company. But it wasn't a million dollar home and I can see how these deals work best in the very high end market.

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I can't vouch for this specific company, but I've heard of companies that provide temporary furnishings and renters for vacant homes to make them look lived in. I don't see the point in moving out prematurely, just stage your own furniture.

I saw a website a while back where it was looking for the renters on this side of the equation. The deal was you had to BYO furniture and in return you could live there for a pretty reduced rent during the time the home was listed.

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This was an attractive option until the bedbug epidemic.

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I am not familiar with that particular caretaker group. Here in the Albuquerque area, homes I have seen that are Homes In Transition or HIT occupied show like model homes. And they have been very accommodating to showings.

My understanding from their website is that they cover utilities and yard maintenance, are background screened as well as furniture screened. The agency collects the "rent" and there is no fee to the homeowner if they live there 3 months. But if the home sells it is a fee of $1500 in 30 days, $1000 in 60 days, $500 90 days for the homeowner to the agency to make up for their costs for the move in etc.

Supposedly they have a monitoring schedule where the agency drops in on the houses and makes sure they are being held to their standards.

Based on what I have seen, I am seriously considering using them.

I believe you can simply add a landlord policy to your homeowners insurance and you are well covered as if you live there. The problem for insurance is a truly vacant home since it is at risk for vandalism or an undetected water leak. The occupants need to have their own "renter's insurance" to cover their possessions.

Supposedly "staged" homes sell better. and so a part of me prefers an actual screened occupant to keep a better eye on things and deal with the hassle of showings. Versus paying a stager, and ongoing rent of the furniture.

My plan is to move out, do a deep cleaning, list- just in case I am lucky enough to sell right away! And if no serious activity in the first month go to caretakers. (of course price is a factor in a quick sale, but if the feedback is that the price is good.....)

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