Where to advertise to find NYC buyers?

seafire1June 2, 2012

I want to advertise in the newspaper, real estate mag's or online to attract potential NYC buyers. Does anyone have experience with doing so? I am a FSBO and Am listed on the MLS for Middlesex/Monmouth County and on Realtor.com but need to target NYC buyers. Our house is 50 minutes outside New York City with trains and buses nearby. I would estimate 60-70% of our development works in NYC.

Thanks for your help,


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Try the Sunday New York Times real estate section.

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How about in Brooklyn or Bayonne. I have had a few peole from both. A couple found our house on realtor.com yesterday late afternoon and called to see if they could come in. My knee jerk was you need an appt., but I questioned their situation including pre approval and than asked them for 15 minutes to ready my already staged home. I figured if were serious buyers they would wait and they did graciously with two toddlers in the car. Turns out they have a two family in bayonne and want to rent their half. They have friends in the area and like it. With Two young children they have outgrown thier space. They loved the house and yard, were very nice
people. They spent 45 minutes and I will follow up this week. So glad I made ourselves available!

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Our agent did targetted ads on Facebook--not exactly sure HOW you do that, but I understand you can target for age, geography, whatever, so your ad pops up along the side of their Facebook page when they open it. Honestly, I think that's one of the things that helped sell our house quickly.

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Sophie Wheeler

All you really need is to be in the MLS and priced right and then anyone who is really serious about buying will find you. The priced right is the key though. No use in being in the MLS priced too high. No amount of advertising anywhere will ever make up for that.

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NY Times for Manahatten folks....and as your area is very popular with Staten Islanders,the Staten Island Advance (SILive.com) is also a good bet.

That said, in the end, the MLS is the way to go.

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