RECIPE: Re. Zuchini (humor - not a recipe)

sayhellonowJune 6, 2008

(because it's so easy to grow and so prolific)

There's a saying out here in the west: In the summertime, do not leave your car windows down because, if you do, someone will put zuchini in your car.

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LOL That's probably not too far off the mark, either!

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I'm not quite at that point, but I have a feeling that in a few weeks, my neighbors are going to be discovering zucchinis on their doorsteps!

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When we lived in upstate NY, we referred to zucchini as "Algonquin war clubs" because there were always a few that lurked under leaves and became HUGE. Our next door neighbor, who had farmed for years and had a stupendous vegetable garden, always recommended planting two zucchini plants. The first one to come up, you yanked out of the ground. The second that appeared, you ran the cultivator over a few times. Then you sat on the porch and thanked the gardening gods you didn't have zucchini!

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