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nannykinsJuly 2, 2014

When I wake at 5 in the morning, I just can't get myself up and at 'em. I am sure there are some of you already hard at work in the garden or sewing room.
This morning, I checked out the other sections of the Forum, the Gallery, and Conversations. What I found was that there are not many using those areas. Do you check or even use? As well, certain threads in the Conversations section no longer have posts. Eg KOKO. Birthday blocks.
So I am wondering! Do some of these activities have a certain "shelf life" and do they just naturally fade away? Or is the main area of the site being used for all posts?
Another regular post seemed to be QOTD? I haven't seen that one for a while.
That is my QOTD for today.
Not being critical, just old age curiosity.

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There's been history on the forum, years ago, where people were upset about non-quilting posts taking up room on the main page. It was difficult especially for those with dial-up.

At one point, someone asked the GardenWeb people to create additional pages (Conversations, photos) so that they could be separated. Frankly, these pages just never really took off. Many folks (myself included) don't think to go to those pages to see what's going on.

Everyone's since gotten used to using the subject line to identify the topic well so people can pass things over that they don't want to see. Plus, GW has added the icon that indicates photos in the post! I think this was a HUGE improvement on their part! It's so easy to see where the photos are and those w/dial up don't have to open those posts if they don't have time.

I think that the forum has reached a point that everything 'works' for everyone. But there will undoubtably be something that doesn't work for everyone all of the time.

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Good morning, Theresa. I'm not a morning person either and don't usually have any get-up-and-go until late morning. I just might try to change that and see what happens. :-)

As far as the forum goes, it's like Jennifer said. I tried to stay on topic in all of them, but those who seemed to cause a ruckus either got over it, don't care anymore or left the building. I still go look at the quilt pictures that were posted once in awhile, to jog my memory.


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I am not much of a morning person either. I do get up early for work (gotta leave the house by 6:05) but that is the only day I get up early.

Jennifer summed up the forums well. Most of us like everything handy in one place, at least till the posting really gets busy. Things have settled down and there doesn't seem to be as many posting on any of the forums. I think quilting is one of the more active ones. We have become a family and this is how we keep up with each other. After summer things will pick up.


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I agree with both of you, the gripers got their demands met, and - typically - now the demanded features aren't even being used. It also seems like the people here are more laid back now, not being so rigid about the site and not trying to be the boss like in the past. I like it better now. If someone wants to talk about something other than quilting and they put OT in the subject line that should be warning enough for everyone who doesn't want to read it.
The only complaint I have right now is there hasn't been a lot of posts here lately, is it too hot to quilt? It might be the time of year. Even though I have A/C, it's a little hard for me to want to handle cozy fabric when it's blistering hot and humid outside. I have a project going - a big Bear's Paw quilt. I think what's keeping me from going into the sewing room is knowing that I still have a bazillion little HST squares to press open. UGH. I have 7 blocks done and 23 to go.

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QOtD - I LOVE question of the day! I wish everyone would post questions, even if they already know the answer. It's so much fun to see the variety of answers and to get new ideas.

I agree that the other pages had value in the past, but we seem to have worked out any issues over time. Maybe there aren't many people still on dial-up so the photos and slow-loading posts aren't as big a deal. Personally, I like to see photos embedded in the regular posts instead of going to another page to see them. And I have no problem with Off Topic info here on the main page, especially if they are labeled at "OT".

I miss the days when there were lots more posts and more people actively involved in the forum. I'm guilty too though as I've let work take over too much of my life. If you all post more, I promise I'll respond! Even if a response is short, it let's you know people are out there reading what you've written. I think many people visit here but don't post because they think they have nothing new to add. It's not about 'new', it's about sharing and caring.


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I miss the QOTD, too!

I get up at 6 to get DH up and off to work, but many mornings I am a total lazy lima bean and lie in bed playing games on my iPad! :) This week I'm trying to get myself back in the habit of working out 3 mornings. If I work out on Monday I reward myself on Tuesday with getting up and sewing before work.

Lately I've gotten hooked on checking the "most recent posts" list on the right of the page. Then I waste a whole bunch of time reading long threads about kitchen renovations, house plans, etc. :)


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I wasn't a member of the forum back in the days of controversy over postings. Good thing. I probably would have been a violator. I rarely check the other pages; I bet it's been a year or more.

I really think this group of quilters is about the greatest bunch of people you could ask for. You are all so helpful, supportive and caring. I wouldn't change a thing. It is interesting though how quiet it gets in the summer. I guess we are all busy doing outdoor stuff, so we have less time for quilting.

I love the idea of a QOTD. Was there a moderator, or did random people just pose a question? We could start it up again. In fact, I think Theresa just did.

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I never look at the other sections, either. But I did post there once by mistake. Then I reposted it here where it belonged. They could eliminate those choices and I wouldn't care at all.

I'm the early riser, I guess. I'm up early like you, Theresa. And, I liked the QOTD postings as well. Even if they weren't always pertinent to me, I think they offered lots of valuable information to new quilters.

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Thank you all for your responses.
As others have said in the past, they consider this forum their quilt guild and so do I.
This is by far the friendliest quilt forum around. Again at 5 in the morning, I occasionally look in at a couple of other sites but they do not compare to GW. I am so glad I found this place. Everyone seems to know each other, probably due in part to the Retreat. But the level of personal interest shown to each member is remarkable. Glad I wasn't around when things were a bit bumpy because I might not have stayed.
Time for my afternoon nap.

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I think the QofTD was started here by vicky4x4. It was so insightful & informative and (I think) a wonderful way to get to know some sewing secrets and habits -- both good and bad! Anyone can start the QofTD thread -- even if the question was asked a long time ago, it would be interesting to see the new answers, as we all change and evolve.

I just looked at the other sections -- I never look at them here....but I do look at them on other GW forums where they are active, so it depends on the forum.

This is a nice group, and hopefully everyone new & old will always play nice. I do belong to a very active Guild, but I still feel this is home.

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I haven't been visiting as often as I used to because it has been so slow. I do love to read about what everyone is doing and see the results of their efforts. This is such a nice mix of people and ideas and the QOTD was fun. Miss it and Vicky as well. I never visit the other sites as I feel as a group we do fine just posting here using the subject line and picture icon. I feel as though you are all my friends and love know about what you are doing and how life is treating you. It was sad when people were having issues.

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I also forget to check the other pages of this forum. I would love to see the QOTD revived and will try to answer when I can.
We are in the process of buying a new house and then moving in July so I may not be as active in the forum as I want to be for a while. I will be back when the move is completed.
Linda OH

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Did you get your house sold?
Good luck with moving day!

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Theresa, we haven't sold our house yet but we will close on the new house next week if all goes as planned.
Linda OH

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Summer is a busy time for everyone, forget the hazy, lazy, crazy part. I haven't really been on for about a month. Last Saturday was the Garden Walk I chaired. We had 8 private homes and 2 public gardens, with 455 tickets sold. Now I am doing wrap up and visiting gardens to make the selection for next year.

I really wanted to finish the fan quilt so it could hang on the porch this summer and I will still try to finish. The fan part is made and they are sewed to the base, but have to put on the top part of 24 fans. Maybe by first frost I can get it hung. LOL

DD just called she has landed in Chicago. So I've got to run. Nice being back!

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....forums: Where relationships are formed. (kinda like the old 'chat room' but on a slower scale!).
QOFD has been really very helpful to me......love listening to the voice of experience!!

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I don't pop in as much these days as I have in the past (still working full time and moving this year) but I recall 'those days' and that's likely why I'm more of a lurker than poster. I was always afraid of being called out for posting something that SHOULD have been in Conversations. I'm very glad to hear that's not likely to happen anymore. I just finished looking at all the pet pictures in the other post and really enjoyed them.


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I wasn't around when there were specific "rules" to follow on the forum. Knowing my tendency to "draw within line", I may have backed off being active.

Working full time takes my time away from my favorite activity, but I check several times a week and l thoroughly enjoy cruising through everyone posts. I don't belong to a guild, so you are my guild! Just love it!


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I think it's been at least 6 or 7 years since anyone was told a post should go on Conversations. In "internet time" that's practically eons!

I encourage all lurkers to join in. We don't have any mean people here. It's one of the few places on line where niceness abounds. It's one of the reasons I love it here.

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