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lynndianneJuly 11, 2010

I'm more of a lurker here but have a question for the gang....If I wanted to join a birthday club could I join a group that has just a few people. I might be able to make a few blocks per month but don't want to have a group where I have to make a bunch of blocks per month. I'd like to start out slow. Many thanks. Lynn

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Lynn, I think the person in charge usually tries to make it only one block per month....depending on the birthdays. There are times with 2 a month and none a month. I don't know how it's decided who goes where......maybe she has 12 hats depicting each month and puts the names in the hat with the responding BD month and pulls names....don't know. I was in a BD swap once where the rule was only one per month so some of us had half-birthdays.....which we didn't mind at all as only one per month was made. Some of us try to get them all made up front so we don't have to think about making them through-out the year.

Hope this helps.....


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Thanks for the info Sharon....I'm in a shoebox club at a LQS and it's one block a month. I figure I can do ONE. Next time I see a listing to start a new BOM, I'll join in. Lynn

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You may want to consider joining the Block Lottos~they are 1-3 blocks per month, sent to the hostess for a chance to win all the entries. Fun, and a good way to make new blocks, and the commitment is on a monthly basis. The blocks are listed a few months ahead, so we can fit them in to our busy lives :)

I have linked to the July Block Lotto.

Here is a link that might be useful: Block Lotto

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Hi Lynn,
We do have several groups and most you don't need to wait to join in the fun. These descriptions might help:

Birthday Blocks: groups of 13 quilters, usually set up in Oct/Nov for the following year. Groups are balanced so that you don't have more than 2 blocks due in any one month; some months are just one block and some months none are due. Blocks are sent directly to the birthday person.

Monthly Lotto: a single block, with the option to make from 1 to 3 of them. Instructions for the blocks can be found on line and they are usually pretty easy, making it a one or two evening project each month. All blocks are sent to the lotto coordinator (Kay) and she draws a name from the participants - the winner receives all the blocks no matter how many there are. If you send in 1, you have 1 chance of winning. If you send in 3, you have 3 chances. Anyone can participate. I highly recommend you start with this one because you can join in right now. The July block is pretty, fun and easy to make.

Bi-monthly Specialty Block Lotto: This one is basically the same as the regular monthly lotto, but it's held every other month. Typically it alternates between appliqué blocks and paper pieced blocks. July/August is applique (bird houses!), so Sept/October will probably be paper pieced. Blocks (1, 2 or 3) are sent to the coordinator (Kay). Again, you can join in this one right away and the bird house blocks are fun to make.

BOM (Block of the Month): These blocks aren't sent anywhere because we are making them for ourselves. It's just a way to encourage us to keep up with long term block-of-the-month projects and share our progress. There are tons of BOM projects available on the internet so if you find one you like, join in the postings on this at any time. Not everyone started in January and many of us have skipped a month or two. No pressure / just fun.

Seasonal Quilt Challenge: Again, this one is self-directed. The idea is to make one wall hanging each quarter of the year to represent a season.

Round Robin & Row Robin: Participants make a quilt center or a row, then send it to the next person in their circle. That person adds a border or a row and sends it on until everyone in the group had added something to the original centers. All skill levels can participate. We post pictures of the original piece, then all the progress is kept secret until The Reveal when all are completed. Odessa is working on setting up the next groups for this right now.

Hope that all helps!

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Thanks everyone...I will join one of these groups. You're such a great group of quilters. Well, have to go put the new foot on my Janome and give it a spin around the block.
Thanks again.


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