wi-sailor- some trash pullout pics for you.

badgergalApril 5, 2013

Couldnt respond to your email directly so am posting here too. Yes, I am a fellow Wisconsinite. I have read many of your posts. So sorry to hear about the cabinet paint difficulties.
I am not much of a DYI person so I am sorry to say that I have no idea whether the rev-a-motion trash pullout can be retrofitted the way you want to do it or not. I am attaching some pictures so you can see how mine is installed. Not sure how adjustable the sliding mechanism is. The inside of my cabinet measures 22-3/4 inches from the back wall to the front edge.
I guess if you were going to have some kind of interior piece with a handle you'd have to have a little extra cabinet depth to accommodate it.
Perhaps the more knowledgable people on the forum could tell you if it can be done with that rev-a-shelf model or you could try talking to someone in constomer service at Rev-A-Shelf. Otherwise I guess you could just use one of their other pullout models that aren't attached to a door. Doesn't look like they are the motion ones but I think they do have the soft close feature.
All that being said I am happy with the system I have. It works well even with my cabinet pull mounted vertically on the door.
Hope you can figure it out. Good luck on the rest of your remodel.

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Thank you so much Badgergal! This is really helpful! I'll have to check my settings to make sure I have the email option turned on.

Again, it's much appreciated.

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