Faucet placement?

lori_inthenw_gwApril 24, 2014

Having those last-minute second thoughts before the holes get cut in the quartz:

Silgranit Performa sink with low divide (3/4) so the divide is not in the center. The window behind the sink is a 2 parter, one side is opening casement, so it does have a big divide that is centered.

We thought we'd put the faucet at the divide between the bowls, so it would easily swing between the two. That will make it not line up with anything else, but this seems like a function over form thing, right? Does this decision still make sense?

(Confession: have lived in current house 25 years and my husband just last night showed me that our kitchen sink is not even close to being centered under the window. If I had not been at home and was drawing it, I would have bet you money it was centered. So really, I suppose this is one of those crises of confidence that should not last more than a day. But I'm just checking!)

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