I really need a day off...

K8OrlandoJuly 30, 2012

I had already come to the conclusion yesterday that I could use a day off to catch up with a pretty extensive To Do list so I called my boss last night and let him know I wouldn't be in today. This morning it's become apparent I REALLY NEED a day off.

Here's the start of the day:

I want to post the August lotto blocks and make the September lotto blocks so I can post those too. So I go to the sewing table where I'm sure I've placed the 3 August blocks. Nope, not there. So I start going through stacks of stuff and can't find them anywhere. Maybe in my office? Nope, not there either. Dang! These are really pretty and I don't want to make them over! Bedroom? (Why would they be in the bedroom? I don't know but I'm running out of places to look!) Nope, not in the bedroom either. Oh! Maybe I put them on the design wall! So I go back to the sewing room and no, they aren't on the design wall but what IS on the wall and actually covering most of the wall is the large, brightly-colored Kaffe Fassett project I was searching for yesterday!!! It's like not being able to find your glasses when they are perched on top of your head. See what I mean? I REALLY NEED a day off.

It's 8am and I still can't find the August blocks...

I'll keep you updated!


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Yes, you do! Enjoy yourself!

And I spent way too much time yesterday looking for a marking pen that I just had in my hand! Finally, when I cleaned off the dining table I found it under my cutting pad. Sheesh....the proverbial snake.


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I was signing my son up for a rafting trip at church yesterday and I asked the children's minister if she could write my son's name on the list because I didn't have on my glasses to see. My son nicely pointed out that my glasses were sitting on top of my head (where I park them a lot!).

So, BTDT!! Very frustrating to loose something!

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The proverbial snake is right! LOL

I found the August blocks! Of course, I hate to tell you where I found them... in the "August" folder in my bin of received lotto blocks. OMG, how embarrassing is that? I must have put them there in a rare moment of organizational fever.

OK, now on to the next challenge! Getting the July lotto sorted and ready for the drawing on Wednesday.

But first, here's a picture to show you my #1 "helper", Jack Bauer. This is how Jack helps me at the computer. Can you see in the image that he pushes his back against the keyboard so hard it's only partly on the desktop? Then when I use the mouse I have to push his head out of the way and he wraps his paws around my hand. I either need a bigger desk or a smaller cat. He does not make this easy, but he does make it fun (usually).

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LOL!! Hey, I don't have a job and that's the way my day goes every day!! Hey, Kate, you mentioned that you were watching the Olympics this weekend (so was I), did you leave the August blocks somewhere near the TV?? Somewhere is a home waiting for all of us where we will be allowed to quilt. ;)

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Sign me up for that home, Rita! We'll need one attendant to help us find misplaced things and to thread our needles for us!

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Kate, You've had an exciting week-end so you deserve a day off to stay around the house and play. @:)

I was going to suggest you look under your Kaffe Fassett project that's on the design wall for the blocks, but I see you found them right where they should have been. LOL

I think Jack Bauer is saying, "You see me now?"


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Glad everything got found. Searching is so frustrating. Really love the cat photo. They really keep the smile in life don't they!

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Glad you are having a day off. Seems like I need one (and I'm retired!) Glad you found the blocks. I need to get going to the post office to mail the July blocks!
Have a great day.

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You not only need a day off...you deserve a day off...hope you are enjoying the day and finding some fun!
If anything Jack is happy you're at home!

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Needy Day Update:

I'm making a quilt from cut up men's plaid shirts. I was careful with all 6 shirts and thought I was only using cotton although one of them felt a little thin. I should have checked it better or even done a flame test on it, but no I didn't. I cut out a few hundred pieces of fabric yesterday, then sewed dozens of half square triangles this morning. I cut them and finger pressed the open, then used them in a 12 patch star pattern. I'm sure you're way ahead of me at this point and know what happened when I touched a hot iron to the first star. Yup, one of the six prints shriveled up into a shape resembling an amoeba. And no where near a 3"x3" amoeba. Thankfully I only had one star sewn so only had a little to take apart. Of course, the HST that I made with that fabric will have to be tossed, but I'm glad I caught it when I did!

I'm giving up on the To Do list and going to visit a friend.


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Ironing woes.
We Canadians have new 50 and 100$ bills made of some plastic material. I had some bills (not all 50's and 100's) wound in a roll with an elastic band. I needed them for some thing or other and while the iron was handy, decide to give them a press to flatten them out. Those new bills shrivel just like your material. Fortunately, I had just touched the end of one so didn't totally lose it. Must take it to the bank and get a nice new one. A note to Canadians, "Don't iron your new money".
Everyone I tell this to just looks at me like I am looney. Who irons their bills?

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Theresa, I heard of someone who left some "new" CDN bills in a hot car and the same thing happened. Another reason to be called "funny money" lol


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When we were kids and my brother had a paper route, he would always iron the money before turning it in. He had great respect for those bills.


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Yous guys are cracking me up lol!!! I have washed some (you would think that at my age I would know to check pockets before washing) and dried some but NEVER ironed!!!

I had a rough blood drive in May, to make a long story really short, the witch of a nurse in charge was fired. But drama, drama, and more drama for the past 2 months.

I dreaded the drive Monday, and it was over kill with the FIVE supervisors showing up BUT as busy as we were it went well. I'm just exhausted and brain dead today - I did make it to the gym. Just watching Olympics all day.

Glad you found your blocks Kate, love the playful kitty!!

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Kate, with the kind of day you had, I have to ask something. When you said you "making a quilt from cut up men's plaid shirts", you did mean that the shirts were cut up, right? and not the men? Lol, yep, you've got an ex-English teacher asking you this! If I had a dime for every time I was asked, "can I go to the bathroom?" instead of "may I go..."!!!

Mary, I heard a tale of someone who hid their plastic money in an oven, only to have his wife melt it when she pre-heated the darn thing without looking inside first. It might be an urban legend kind of thing, but who knows? I believe I'll stick with the wrinkles in my ol' American money. It disappears fast enough without me making it melt away...lol!

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Funny Dan the ex-English teacher lol!!!!

When I was a Service Rep for Southern Bell we had a script that we had to follow exactly to fill an order.

I had to ask, "Can you spell your name for me?", can you imagine what responses I got lol!!!!

Where were you when Ma Bell needed you lol!!!!!

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Oh Dan, now I have this vision of you walking around with a red pen in your hand, making 'air corrections' every time one of your acquaintances says something grammatically incorrect! (BTW, how's my spelling?)

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Kate, I am glad you found your blocks. I think going to visit a friend sounds like a great idea! The quilting will always be there!

Dan, I, too, taught English - to 7-9th graders. Even though it was at a Catholic school, when they asked me if they could go to the bathroom, I would usually respond with, "I don't know, can you?" Oh, the stories we could tell ...

Enjoy your week!

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Dan the Mailman -
Using humor in the classroom to point out an error with your students is a nice way of correcting the pupil ~ pointing out someone's errors in a written forum is.... well.....just plain not very nice, no matter how funny you tried to be! JMO

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Sue, I know EXACTLY what you mean! I taught 9th grade English, and believe it or not, I loved it! Some people looked at me as if I was crazy when I'd tell them that, but it was true. I didn't use public ridicule to punish the kids, but I would stand them in a back corner of the classroom for the remainder of the hour. After that, peer pressure took care of it all because by the end of the day, that students' friends had found out, and for some strange reason, more often than not, I'd not only get an apology, but excellent behavior from that student. I only had one student who had to stand in the corner twice. But yes, the stories I could share with you would make you cry, laugh, and nod with understanding. I enjoyed teaching.

Kate, you are so funny! I really don't have that red pen any longer, nor do I correct everyone around me (and your spelling is fine...lol). But, when I was reading your post my mind simply skidded in about three different directions at once when I read about you and those shirts, and I had to share. I knew you'd get a good belly laugh out of it!

Rosa, it takes more than that to get my undies in a bunch, lol! Thank you for that e-note though, I do appreciate it!

Maggotyrivergirl, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and you've stated yours. I was raised to believe that "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all." So, to you, I have this to say, "nothing at all."

Everyone have a fantabulous day! I'm gonna go do some farmvilling, and then dive into James Michener's Hawaii, for about the umpteenth time!

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Kate, this is a funny thread!

Theresa, I too have ironed my money many times... sometimes it just gets so wadded up, there's just no choice!

A Canadian told me a few weeks ago about the new money being plastic, and I asked what happened if they left it in pockets and it went into the dryer... they said they hadn't tried that yet!

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Love everyone's stories. Since I recently returned from having a day (actually week) off, there is no excuse for my silliness. While on our road trip, I decided to do a load of laundry at the hotel. I forgot my liquid soap which I had intended to bring and had to buy some powder. I have a front loader at home, so saw the machine with the front door and dumped in the soap and clothes and started it. I kept checking but it just seemed to run and run. Finally I saw another lady starting up the "dryer" and asked her politely had she changed my laundry. I couldn't figure out how she was drying clothes if she hadn't washed them. She said she hadn't touched my clothes. My daughter was standing behind me and heard the water running in the ladies machine and ask me what machine I put my clothes into. She couldn't believe I had put them into the dryer. I went down to the clerk and told her I had done a bad, bad thing. My daughter cleaned out the lint filter and the clerk wiped out the machine and all seemed well. Can you image if I had used the liquid soap??????LOL sort of.

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BEV... Having worked as a clerk at a laudromat back in the 70's while in HS...I have a special appreciation for this story...it gave me a hearty laugh...thanks for sharing- still chuckling :-)

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Bev, that's just funny. I'm betting that when that clerk got home that night, the first thing she said to anyone was "you're not going to believe what happened at work today..." I'm still chuckling too...

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The bad thing is my daughter always posts my faux pas on facebook...and tends to embelish, but she assures me her friends (and our relatives) think I am a riot...not an idiot. Yeah, right.

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