Newbie with some kitchen remodeling questions

fayewolfApril 29, 2013

Hi all-

Some questions for you all- I am in the process to remodel a very small kitchen. I just want to redo the counters and maybe add handles to the cabinets. I live in the bay area and apparently, we have alot of chinese suppliers of granite that sells prefab granite (they are super cheap, like 100-300/slab.

I'm not super picky about my granite selection, and my kitchen is just an L shape, nothing weird shape. My husband thinks that going this route will be subpar, but all my friends uses prefab and it's totally fine?

1. What are your thoughts on using prefab? My total square footage of the kitchen counter is 48sq ft.

2. Color selection. In order to keep the cost down, i'm not changing the cabinet color, they are still in pretty good shape. They are light maple color, with terra cotta color tiles on the floor. What are some color options for me as suggestions? Appliances are stainless steel/black.
Remember that my kitchen is very small. and it's open up to the family room with light hardwood floor.

Much appreciated!

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Re counter:it depends on the selection-the cabs are really neutral...can you select a few of your preferred granites and post? I'd be wanting a new floor and get a proper toekick/maybe "furniture" toekick for a section.The floor casts a pinky orange hue to the space...hardwood or another floor will change and upgrade the kitchen.Agree with surface/cosmetic changes as your game plan.Contemplate or go ahead and pick backsplash at same time as counter is chosen so you know where you're going with that.

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I want new floors too, but the husband does not :(
I dont think it is the cost, he just doesn't want to much crap to be done? If I can convince him to redo them in a very neutral white tile, I would be very happy.

Say that I do want to upgrade the floors. Should I have that done prior to getting the granite counters?
This should be a fairly easy project, correct? (We won't be doing any of this, will hire someone to do), this is like a 100sq ft space, I'm hoping to keep it under $1500.

The counter color that I'm thinking either go darker like a tan brown or go with lighter like bordeaux.


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I'm not sure how you could do an L shaped kitchen with prefab slabs. You would have to cut them to fit together.

I have heard that some of the Chinese granite is dyed. The dye may wear off over time.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to check if a granite countertop has been dyed

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1500? better get quotes....look on line for granite sales and installation people that quote some sale pricing/throw in a sink and install .....they'll give you a decent end product and perhaps through reviews of their products and work you can be certain of what you are getting/along with a warranty. Lowes and Home Depot are worth a trip.....if you have that much of a budget constriction I would either delay till more funds are avail or start searching ....wherever.....maybe someone has a remnant slab of something for adjacent to fridge.....Ikea as well for counters.

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Your floors seem to go so well with your cabinets. Are they in bad condition?

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You could paint the cabinets more of a creme color and find a granite that has the coral tone from the floor and some darker tones to tie it together.

Adding brushed nickel pulls or knobs to the cabinets would bring it more up to date too.

For granite, Granite Expo is a good place to check out. I bought pre-fab there and was happy with it. You may have a seam at the L though, which is not a big deal.

You might also want to update the tile that's the backsplash behind the stove. Maybe you could even use a piece of the countertop granite there to keep it simple, or find an inexpensive more ceramic tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shopping Tips for a Remodel

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$1500 for the floor, not the granite counter. Budget for countertop is $3000ish.

If I don't have to redo the tile, that would be ideal!

Any suggestion for granite that us med color with some coral tone?

If anyone has frabocator suggestion for Bay Area I would appreciated as well!!

Home Depot is about $70/ft installed

I've also found some slabs that I like (not prefab) that are~$30/sq ft

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I haven't had experience with the pre-fab suppliers, but I did see a large number of counters at Tez Marble on the Peninsula, Liberty in South SF, Granite Expo and a few other places. Many of these providers provide "blank" counter sized slabs, without an edge. Thus, you can still pick the edge of your choice. They also offer flat edges, instead of the bull-nose that is so common elsewhere. The color section was pretty good, as well. The key here, I believe, is getting a qualified fabricator.

Looking at your layout, you may be able to get by with a single slab, so don't give up on that option as well.

I echo the need for a bs replacement, once you replace the counters. This will be more important than the floor and will make a big visual impact. That and the HW that you already plan to replace.

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Absolutely a must for the black splash, I just wasn't sure if I will go with tiles or left over granite.

Gooster- since you're in the Bay you have a fabricator rec?

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