There is a quilt show in Knoxville and I can't go, again!

lafonda_ranchJuly 15, 2010

Darn it! I have to miss it again. I'm packing up to leave on a trip and I can't make it. Is anyone in the Knoxville area and was able to go? Maybe next year (I hate to keep saying that :-( )

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I'm in the same boat! Got to do the med thing in Orl!

Went last year for the day with a friend and had a blast and said I would not miss it ever. So much for that! The quilts were outstanding...did you see the full size portrait of the Orientla man's face made out of 1 inch sqs? And the many small quilts in a row depicting the scene flowing thru a town? Not to mention the hand done redwork. Amazing!
Thanks for letting me count my blessings that I did see it once! Maybe we can meet up there sometime in the future!
Enjoy your trip!

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I am hoping to go tomorrow! I'm about 10 miles from downtown Knoxville. If I can find someplace for my son to go to, that is :). I'm not going to pay admission for a 14 yr old boy to sulk.


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I may have done another OOPS!

Were you referring to the AQS show in Knox. July 22, 2009 to July 25, 2009 ?


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Gwen, I only saw a few pictures that were on-line from the local newspaper, so I wasn't familiar with the quilt you were referring to. Maybe we can meet next year?

Rebecca, I hope you were able to make it!!

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