Dave still around this forum?

redcurlsJune 13, 2011

I know people come and go, but there are a couple of "old" regulars I haven't seen lately. Dave D for one...I always enjoyed his insight. Tricia is another. Am I just dropping by at the wrong times and missing them, or have they moved on?

Is this Off Topic?


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Triciae still posts o the cooking forum occasionally. I'm not sure why she stopped posting here.

Dave's whereabouts is a mystery too.

Qdwag used to posted often and he disappeared a while ago.

I hope no one is ill.

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I don't know why Dave doesn't post here any longer, but I am fairly sure this link is his. Maybe his advice is no longer free. Can't blame him.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dave Donhoff

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Oh, I wasn't wanting advice. I just enjoyed reading his input and wondered about his family. It just touched me so when his infant daughter passed.....

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There may be something more going on with Dave, I'm afraid. I contacted him about utilizing him for some financial advice, uploaded tons of info to him, had a phone interview . . . and then nothing. I waited and waited and finally contacted him and he wrote back that he was having computer difficulty. That was six months ago and I never heard from him again.

Pure speculation here, but maybe there is some personal issue going on following the family tragedy he experienced.

I have seen posts from him on the Motley Fool website.

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Sorry to come into this late. There was a time long ago that a misunderstanding occurred that made it impossible for Dave to post here. I wonder if that happened again?

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I haven't looked on this website for a long time. It was interesting when everyone was remodeling or building. Then somehow the posts changed and were less interesting and some got nasty and personal. I think that many of us have gone on to other forums and social networks that are more rewarding.
Dave was always so informative and helpful. I also think these forums would have been a real success if it was easier to upload photos. Also one of the things that hurt it was the tech problems where it took forever to load. We have a T-1 and it should not have taken long.

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I am here!

I've had serious health issues since July 09. Have recently been accepted at John Hopkins so praying & hoping.

Our market's awful here also. Pricing is hard 'cause like many places there haven't been sales in over a year.

Anyway, thanks for asking...I'm still around.


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Good to hear from you Tricia...hope things go well for you. I used to work at a school that was a block away from Johns Hopkins. Their reputation is well deserved...I know many people they've helped.

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triciae! I can't tell you how many times I've thought about that beautiful house you were looking at & wondering whatever happened to it & you. I am sorry to hear that you've been ill & I hope that things get better.

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Hi Tricia, we've all been missing you.

Praying all will be good.

Miss hearing about your house fun...

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