RECIPE: Melinda Lee's Chicken Noodle Soup

mangomoonJune 23, 2008

I posted here once regarding chicken soup (personally I don't care much for the noodle part), and while it is a no brainer, most appear to prepare it by using a whole chicken, taking the chicken out when poached, cooling and tearing into pieces to put back into the stock. This is how I made it, but I heard famed Melinda Lee (cooking guru) on the radio, trying to help a caller perfect her chicken soup, and the recipe she gave is on her website.

I never thought to use necks for the broth instead of the whole chicken.

Anyone else prepare it in this manner? Does it taste any different?

Here is a link that might be useful: Melinda Lee's Chicken Soup

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I've never made chicken soup from a whole chicken. I do as the link you provided describes. I save all my bones, backs, carcases etc and make broth. When I want soup I poach chicken meat, add veggies, maybe noodles, maybe rice to the already made broth.

I can't tell you if it is different from using a whole chicken but my sense is the meat is more tender and flavourful when cooked fresh not stewed to death whilst you make the broth..

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Thanks for your input. I will have to try it this way. Sounds like a much better way to go.

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If I find whole chickens on sale, I'll buy three or four then divide into thighs, drums, breasts. I usually use one group of parts for that night's meal and vacuum seal the remainder for the freezer. The backs, wings, necks (sometimes feet if I've been by the Asian market) go into stock.

I usually find that after long cooking the stock is wonderful but the meat is tasteless. All the goodness has already been extracted into the broth. Unless I were doing a double-rich reduction (poaching fresh chicken in chicken broth), I'd rather use parts like the neck and wings for stock.


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I make my own broth basically from chicken parts uncooked & cooked leftovers, same as chase. The key is to bring to a boil, then simmer the rest of the time. I strain and freeze in different size containers for use later. I hate it when I have forgotten the leftovers in the frig and I have to throw them out! Sometimes my broth has the unmistakable flavor and color of the rotisserie chicken I've used - I'll use that for "full bodied soups & stews".

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I've been known to use a whole chicken with some additional wings to make the broth. Broth is fine made with all wings and maybe backs and necks. I roast chicken breast and cut or shred them to add to the soup. Tastes much better than poached or boiled chicken.


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