looking for: Sauerkraut made in jars

g-maJune 3, 2008

Last year I made kraut, with caraway seed, in pint jars. My hubby and I loved it. However since then we have moved and I seem to have misplaced the recipe. I hope someone out there can help me duplicate it. I remember it had sugar and caraway seed added. But, I can't remember the amounts or even the processing part of the recipe. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP....as my cabbage is about ready. Thank you soooo much to those who can bail me out, on this one. OH....I also remember that I had to turn my jars upside down daily.

Please don't think that you will bore with with small details regarding the process. The more detailed.....the better. You're dealing with an old complete dummy on this one.

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"g-ma"....you have really peaked my interest. Didn't know that this could be done!! Soooo, I Googled ("making sauerkraut in a jar") and came up with the following:

The following is the one that sounds most interesting to me, and the one that I will most likely try:

(Don't see where any of them use sugar.)

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Thanks "lisbet". Before receiving your post, I had to put mine up the best I could remember, as the cabbage was READY. I used 1 tsp salt & sugar and a sm. pinch of caraway seed per jar. I topped them off with almost boiling water that had 3/4 cup of cider vinager per gallon of distilled water, (within 1/2" of top). I put up 36 jars....so I hope these come out as well as last years....*crossing fingers*. Again, I thank you for your reply.

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Thank you "g-ma" for giving your remebered method. It is worth a try. That is the only way to get a results at the end, trial and error. Hopefully, with the expense of food the errors are few. Cabbage should be pretty reasonably priced at this time of year. I'm willing to experiment!! Love good sauerkraut!! Good Luck to you!!

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"g-ma" Just got this in my e-mail. Thought it might be of interest to you. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Sauerkraut

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