Mood Board partial success

Holly- KayMay 14, 2014

I am trying this if it works I have a few comments.

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Holly- Kay

First, thank you all for making suggestions on programs that are easy to work with. I tried many but Chispa had the winning suggestion. Paint was so easy to use. Thanks so much Chispa!

The Madeline blue quilt and shams arrived yesterday and I am pleased with how nice the quality is. The mood board and on-line pics show the white as a brighter white when IRL it is a very creamy white. I love it! Thank you Mtn for posting the Madeline. I saw it months ago and loved it then but had forgotten about it.

The mirrors are ordered and should arrive tomorrow. I think they will look nice with the other elements of the room and they were inexpensive so if I ever find a mate to my DM mirror I won't feel bad giving them to DD.

I have searched endlessly and can't find anything that I like as much as the Kells lamp. I did see a few that were ivory crackle finish that would tone the formal vibe down a bit and I truly liked them but I love the Kells. The one issue with the Kells is that the bottom diameter of the shade is as large as the one I have there now so I may need to search for a square shade for it.

The curtains that I posted are lovely however they only come in 98" or 108" length. I only have 8 foot ceilings so to make the curtains work I would have to hire a seamstress to shorten them. They are less than $300 a panel on sale but with the added labor cost of a seamstress it makes me think that custom drapes wouldn't be much more costly.

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Glad Paint worked for you. I think I mentioned that I used it before I he'd my Mac. Unfortunately they don't make Paint for a Mac. It is very easy to use.
Love the vibe you've got in your room, as I tend to more rather than less formal too. Coming together nicely.
Re hemming, check w your dry cleaner to see if they hem. Old fashioned Indy dry cleaners still offer repair and hem services, and they're usually the most economical option around.
A drapery hem is the easiest straightest hem there is.

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Holly- Kay

Marji, thank you so much for the suggestion. I am going to make some calls tomorrow if I have time. I really love the panels.

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I had some rod pocket panels hemmed and pleated and the charge was only $25 per panel at a sewing work room.

I found rectangular shades to be a great shape for lamps to be placed on a shallow piece of furniture against a wall. I looked up lamp repair on Yelp! and found one that also sold lamp shades. Using a local vendor allowed me to take my lamp in and try different shades to find the shape, size and color that I liked best.

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Holly-Kay - congrats on the moodboard; I think your choices look great together!

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Holly- Kay

Thanks OB2B!

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