Meters in a pound of fabric??

day2dayJuly 26, 2012

I have a container of 100% cotton strips that someone saw and wanted to buy.

As the strips are different lengths, it is hard to judge the total amount.

I was thinking that I could weigh the fabric.

Does anyone have any idea how many meters(or yards) are in a pound?

The fabric is strips that I cut to make a strip quilt but, like a lot of other projects, it was started but never finished.

Looking forward to your replies.


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You can not convert one unit to the other since meters measure distance or length and pounds express weight. Even if all were yard cuts, a thicker, heavier fabric would weight more per meter than the thinner fabric. I would say that weighting would be the best way to express the amount of fabric with cuts of different lengths (that is unless you want to measure each one :) )

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Oddly, fabric is measured in grams per square meter (or ounces per yard). There are lots of conversion charts available on line if you know the gram weight of your fabric. Finding charts that tell you typical weights for types of fabric is harder. That's strange because people who dye fabric like to know exact weights. In a short search all I found was a reference to "cotton" at 1 square yard weighing around 1.2 pounds. I'm thinking that "cotton" probably comes in LOTS of different weights so not sure that helps much.


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Good luck with this Math! I am still having trouble asking for a meter of fabric instead of a yard. And temperatures to me are still a mystery. Is 28 hot or cold????

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I've gone to a few places that sell fabric by the pound so I've researched this! For quilting fabric, there is somewhere between 3 to 4 yards per pound. Hope this helps.

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Thank you all. I just wanted an estimate.

Karlene, after I posted the message I decided to Google and yes, most sites say between 3 and 4 yards to a pound.

Here in Eastern Canada fabric is cheap at $9.99/m.
Sometimes you can get it for a bit less but not often and
sometimes not that good a quality.


p.s.I understand the confusion about metric. I grew up in the time when we used yards and Fahrenheit. I still think that way. The younger generation have a better handle on it.

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This may sound too simple, but why not weight a meter of similar fabric to determine the standard weight? Then weight the bundle of strips you have and you'll be able to figure how many yards you have.


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