deeper base cabinets?

muskokascpApril 18, 2011

I am toying with the idea of having my base cabinets 28" deep instead of the usual 24". I will not have any upper cabinets to speak of ( maybe 2) so it doesn't impact uppers. I have the space to do it but then I will have to move the island a few inches further away to maintain the aisle width. And I have the space to do this too but it may impact the lights over the island. I cannot move the outlets for the pendants because there is this huge steel beam in the ceiling spanning the opening where the addition was added. They are not exactly centered in the middle of the island now because of the beam. The island is 10 x 5 and the lights are closer to the prep side of the island as it stands. I guess I should get exact measurements to see how far the lights would be from the center. Hmm. Thinking out loud.

Anyway, if you have or could have 28" base cabinets...would you?

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Fori is not pleased

Mine are 30" and they are very nice. I have drawers in them and they are wonderful. The deep counter is nice too. I have a pullout in the sink base so I can get the junk that migrates back there.

If you can work it, it's worthwhile.

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I can't do 30" (sadly I could have if there had been better planning on our part) so do you think 28" is still worth doing?

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I would caution you that if you are doing custom drawers in lowers, you might not want really wide ones. With more inches of depth, a pulled-out big big drawer would be awkward. My 24 inch yard-wide deep drawers are almost too wide. If I had more inches to the back, I'd use them in a different way. Deeper drawers could accept two stacks of plates plates, one at front and one at back I suspect.

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We kept our base cabinets the standard depth of 24", but pulled them out from the wall 3", and made our countertops 27" deep, + 1-1/4" countertop overhang. We like this a lot. The 3" additional counter depth makes an amazing difference. At the same time, we didn't need to pay extra for custom base cabinets or find a specialty cabinet maker since we chose the standard 24" deep cabinets. Furthermore, we didn't have to be concerned that the base cabinets would be so deep we couldn't find stuff, or that the drawers would be too heavy (as Florantha mentioned).

Another advantage of the deeper counter is that we chose a Kitchenaid dishwasher. That brand tends to be deeper than other dishwashers, and other posters on this forum have reported trouble making the KA DW flush with the base cabinets. But because we deepened the counters by 3", we had no trouble making the dishwasher flush with the base cabinets. We also had plumbing pipes along the wall that we would have had to move if we wanted the base cabinets against the wall. Pulling the 24" deep cabinets away from the wall meant we didn't have to move plumbing.

Although you don't have uppers, I will just mention, for those who do, that we had our upper cabinets an additional 3" deep (i.e. 15" deep instead of 12") to go along with the deeper counters. Love the 15" uppers. Dishes, platters, etc. fit easily.

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.... if you have or could have 28" base cabinets...

yes. it makes a difference.

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Bumping this thread... I have opportunity to also bring my base cabs from the wall ~3". As said above, this might be a nice little extra depth in the counters, limit a filler peice, as well as make the fridge be a little less protruding. A question though... is it feasible with non-deeper uppers? I run them around a corner, and I think they'd have to stay 12" deep. Would the

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We made the peninsula 30" deep. The rest of the base cabinets are 24". I love having the extra depth for my prep area. The upper cabinets are all 13" deep.

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Meant to add for CoCo ... I don't have cabinets above the peninsula, but do find it slightly awkward accessing the upper cabinet that hangs to the right of the peninsula. I think that would be the case regardless of base cabinet depth simply because of its location.

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We made our cabinets 28" deep in order to line up with another room's cabinets. We also made the wall cabinets deeper so the reach wasn't too far.

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Circus Peanut

We pulled our cabs out and created 28" deep counters and LOVE them. Big thumbs up. I also only have a few uppers and they are a bit deeper, too, for what that's worth. Great setup.

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Resurrecting an old thread here.

Anyway, was curious about the idea of making my cabs deeper (and/or the counter). I will be building them.

Curious for those that have done this how you deal with the stove? (your basic stove/oven combo). As the stove is standard depth and I was thinking maybe 28" on the base cabs.

I have a teeny tiny kitchen (102" X 105" galley) but I was thinkin this might help solve my "fridge stickin out too far" dilemma..

Thanks for any advice.

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I am planning 27 inch deep cabinets with. 1 1/4 inch counter overhang. I am putting in a cook top with wall ovens. You could do something similar with a wall oven installed under you counter.

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