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vicky4x4July 29, 2011

Does anyone in your family not enjoy quilts?

It's very hard for us quilters to imagine but there are people out there that just don't like quilts.

Most everyone in my family would love a homemade quilt but not all....


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Have to reply....two years ago when my DD was expecting, I was excited about making a quilt for my first and only grandbaby. When I mentioned it in passing....my DD replied "I don't like quilts, I don't want quilts, I have no place to put quilts, I don't like them on the bed or on the wall, and the baby doesn't like quilts either" (this was before the baby was even born) so I asked "how do you know what the baby likes?" She said, "well because I am her mother and I am gonna raise her". I said "well I raised you and look how far afield you have gone? So be ready for a child that does not grow up to be just like you!" My SIL thought this conversation was hilarious. My daughter had major "hormone issues" while she was pregnant and while breastfeeding" Thank goodness all that "craziness" has passed and she is once again like the girl I raised. However, she still doesn't care for quilts. But the baby does!

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Murphy, that's funny! I can't imagine anyone not liking a quilt.

I don't know that some of my family members don't like quilts, but they definitely aren't interested in seeing what I've made or are working on. I have no desire to make those members a quilt. It doesn't bother me, I have plenty of family that loves them :-)


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It's not that I don't like quilts its some are so heavily quilted its like covering up with a board. I don't have room for a wall hanging and my hubby doesn't like a table runner. I am now back to quitling tho' all my children now have a quilt[per their request]and the grand kids also have quilts. I love to quilt even if I'm a learner and not very good at it

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I've never come across this issue in my family. If they don't like quilts, they're too scared to tell me. LOL


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Sharon, you're too funny!

My MIL sewed clothes, but didn't quilt. I think she admired my quilts but could never understand cutting up perfectly good yardage and sewing it back together again! I know a lot of quilters do that (buy fabric specifically for a quilt), but an awful lot of mine are made from pieces left over from other quilts and even from making clothes (back when I used to do that).


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My daughters both say they do not like quilts. But my oldest had me patch her first bed quilt before she left home and my youngest likes the 2 quick quilts I'm making for her best friends as grad presents. My mother and mother-in-law like quilts, but don't really care for the quilts I make - their tastes are different than mine.

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Some folks have it in their head that a quilt is a crinkly, patchwork mish mash of fabrics because that is what their grandma/aunt made to put on the bed under the bed spread to keep folks warm while sleeping. Or it's what is used to protect furniture when moving....or it's what the dog sleeps on or kept in the trunk of the car for picnics on grass. And if that is the only association that they have with quilts - you probably are not going to change their minds that quilts can be heirlooms or works of art or GASP! the bed spread itself.

Years ago we set up in a mall with our hoops and quilts to sell tickets for our raffle quilt and promote our upcoming quilt show. So many times when people started to talk about their mother/grandma/aunt,etc. who made quilts they would get this soft look on their face and smile with fond remembrances. Even big old lumbering macho men would just go all soft and almost teary talking about the quilts they grew up with. I've never forgotten that experience.


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When I started quilting my husband told me he didn't like quilts. As I collected books, patterns & materials he started peeking at them. Finally he asked, "That's quilting???". I said yes, what did you think quilting was? He said it was the pre-quilted ugly spreads his mother used. He's now anxiously awaiting my finishing his Celtic Knot wall hanging.

My other "negative" handwork experience (though not quilting) was spending almost a year making a knit layette for my first grandchild. Lots of intricate cable & lace knitting.. a total of about 10 blankets, a sacque set or two, booties, and 2-3 receiving blankets as liners for each knit blanket. Only to be told at the shower.... Oh, we don't use blankets these days, they might smother the baby, we'll only use a snuggy wrap (or whatever they called that little "straight jacket thing". As far as I know, they never even used the heavy play mat I knit for him to play on on the floor.


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I'm lucky in that my family appreciates the quilts I make and I get lots of affirmation at work too. Several people ask what I'm working on and encourage me to bring in finished quilts for viewing. Typically, the younger people are not drawn to traditional or scrappy quilts. I've only recently started liking them myself so I do understand. A scrappy quilt is usually about as far from 'contemporary' as a thing can get. A contemporary quilt doesn't need to be an art quilt, but I do think there are styles, colors and fabrics that would appeal to even those people who have a preconceived notion of what a quilt looks like.

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The quilt I made my last g'son is still packed away in his closet and he is now old enough to feed himself and beginning to speak in sentances. LOL. At first I thought that it might be a safety issue with a tiny baby, but he is now out of a crib and into a toddler bed, so I'm pretty sure that's not it. The Mama was very nice about receiving it, and made the statement that it was too nice to be 'used' and should be put away and saved for him. So, I'm holding that thought, although I think he'd consider it a lot more precious if it had warm memories attached to it than if it were pristine and saved for when he was an adult. I hope to live long enough to make his children their own baby quilts. LOL.

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I have a friend who made a grandmother's flower garden quilt by hand for her grandchild. Her daughter cut it in two so that when one half was was washing, the other half was available. Can you imagine - cut it down the middle!

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Ohmygosh, I've heard it all now. I remember one old post on here where a quilter said she found the quilt she made a relative covering his motorcycle in the garage and this one is about right up there for the winner.

I suspect this is all about a child who might fuss if the quilt disappears long enough to be laundered. It's a parent's duty to help their children learn to handle the frustration of deferred satisfaction because it's a part of life and teach them how to deal with it. I predict a parent who will do this is going to have some real power issues later on with their children and wonder why. (spoken as a g'ma, mom of two, foster mom of six and nurse on a peds ward)

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That's just about the saddest quilt tale I have ever heard! Bless that grandmother for making it! Makes me re-think the EPP quilt UFO that I have......


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I'm still cringing over the story about the quilt cut in two. Yikes.

I'm sure we've all heard people say "Wow, I bet you could sell that on eBay for $100" or some amount that would just about cover the batting and thread.

When I was showing off a quilt last year, a co-worker told me if she had it she would always have it on her bed with the backing side up, because she liked it so much better than the 'patchy side'. Yeah, she's not on my list for a quilt.


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I can't think of any. I have made quilts for all my immediate family and each is used and I guess you might samy abused but that is OK. They belong to them and they know where I live when they want another.lol

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I kind of pay attention to people when I show them quilts that I've made. If I get "Oh, that's nice" then they're not getting one. It's just too much work for someone who would just stick it in a closet somewhere.

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My son's first wife wouldn't allow me to make anything handmade for their 2 sons (my only grandsons). She thought of quilts as cheap and ugly - probably from her upbringing and not from reality. She would rather buy expensive brand name things. Now that my son is divorced and has a lovely new partner, they are keen for me to make them a quilt and I'm happy to make one for them and the boys.

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I've been quilting since junior high school so my family has seen all my projects. I made quilts for all the brides in my family, but only after sitting down with them. With so much time and money involved, I wanted them to choose their colors and pattern to be sure they would be pleased.

The very first bride that declined a quilt was 7 years ago, my future DIL. I told her to be honest and she was. She just didn't care for the skinny quilts, preferred pouffy comforters. I was relieved that I asked.

I made an applique chick quilt for my first grandson and gave it to her at her bridal shower (along with other gifts). She seemed pleased but I have never seen it again when I visit the house.

Knowing her preference, I made each grandchild an I Spy quilt for their first birthday and sent them home with the kids, expecting them to be stored away. There is one covering a loveseat in the kid's playroom, but the others are probably in a tote in the attic.

I continue to make quilts for the kids, but keep them at my house. Somedays we cover the living room floor with quilts and turn the whole room into a nap/play area. When they sleep over we go to the quilt pile and each child picks the quilt they want to sleep under. This method satisfies my need to quilt for the future generation and I get to watch the children enjoy them.

To each his own.

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The comment about playing on a quilt brings to mind one of my grandsons favorite activity while visiting. They love to spread my sofa quilts over chairs and foot stools and make tents to hide in. It never fails to be something that they must do when they visit. Great fun.

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