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vicky4x4July 18, 2011

Do you get into sewing slumps?

I sure do and I'm in one now! I have a lot to do in the summer with gardening, canning and just wanting to be outside. Sewing isn't top right now but I'm feeling a little guilty because I'm making a quilt for my husband and myself and it's going VERY slow. I don't want him to feel like he isn't as important as everyone else!


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Just yesterday I said to my sister that I was losing interest in quilting. Can you imagine! I think we (I) hit personal bumps in our life travels and other tasks loom large. Once those hiccups are taken care of, we can get back to what really matters QUILTS!!!

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Yes, in a major one now, too. But it's not because I don't want to, just the summer thing, lots to do outside and it's never-ending. I have a quilt sitting in the middle of FM for an aunt, glad I didn't let her know about it. I learned my lesson a long time ago on that. I never tell anyone I'm working on something for them anymore. I'm sure when it turns cold again I'll be back to it, Lord willing. Wish I had more energy at night to do it, but I'm up with DH at 4:30 am and by dark I'm just done.

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I'm finding for me that slumps go hand-in-hand with the creative process, kind of like writer's block. I don't worry about it was much now since I know it will pass. The good thing is most DH's are not offended by their project taking longer - they're a guy! From the time my DH pointed out the quilt pattern that he liked till the time the quilt was actually on our bed was probably 2 years. He would needle me about it from time to time, but I could always show him some progress and he really didn't want me to point out the jobs he had been putting off!

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Oh, yes, I have slumps, too...and my interests change. I used to sew lots of clothes for myself and quite a few for DH, but now sewing clothes doesn't interest me. I have several pieces of fabric with patterns and was just looking at them this weekend trying to muster up interest to work on them.

I agree with Karlene that it is part of the creative process. I think your brain needs down time to recharge.


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I haven't been an active outdoor person since moving to Florida. That's the Geezer's domain. He considers me 'fragile' and I don't want to do anything to change his mind! lol So, I don't have many other things calling my name that 'have' to be done. But yet, there are slump times. That's when I start stripping or making crumb blocks, mindless sewing. @:)


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OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just coming out of one and I decided to reduce the mountain of jeans I have. I didn't want to make another raggedy and it's taking long than I expected. I didn't have much interest in it to begin with and I am determine to finish!!!!

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Slump? A month ago, I decided to send out my big quilt that was a RRCB Scrappy quilt I did from Quiltville mystery. I never send out my quilts for LAQ. They never pulled the middle of the quilt tight enough to do the LAQuilting, so now I have a slight hourglass quilt...it measured rectangle when I sent it so I'm "put out" about it...and it was expensive for a free scrappy! I won't be recommending that shop. So, I'm in a slump and just piddling around dragging my heels on a next project. Which is CW fabric all lined up waiting for me to git@2it.

Thanks for letting me vent about this!

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I never plan to quilt in the summer as the garden takes all of my time. I might do a little project here and there (made a shopping bag yesterday) but nothing is ongoing at the moment.

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I have slowed down a bit but still try and spend an hour or 2 in the sewing room daily. The computer has taken over much of my free time. Try a wean away but it is addictive. Things are easier in the winter, fewer distractions. I hate deadlines so don't usually make those types of plans.

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I'm in a slump too ... more because of other things requiring my time than anything. I just has house guests for the last week & we spent everyday doing outdoor activities! Then evenings my sewing room also doubles as a guest room so that prevented the creative process! I have about 2 weeks before our exchange student arrives so hope to get a lot going. Once he is here for 3 weeks I will again be the tour guide so that fills up my August!

I am having a hard time getting myself to start cutting a new project ... it keeps calling my name but I am nervous about some of the fabric choices! In time, in time ...

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I agree with all of the above. I sure get into slumps. But, besides other stuff getting in the way, it's usually me trying to decide on a design/fabric and when I'm unsure, I just stop. I keep several sideline projects going but still need that creative kick to start a quilting frenzy. Guess we're all a little like that.

I am looking for one specific fabric color and when I find it, I'll be off and running again.

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"I am looking for one specific fabric color and when I find it, I'll be off and running again"

You know, that stopped me dead on a project I was going to do about three years ago. I sprung for some very expensive authentic Japanese material, and started gathering the complimenting material with which to make the blocks. I got the black, I got the red, and I had decided to use teal as the last and I could NOT find a true and appropriate teal blue. I got a teal green and it just does not do it for me. Have since used the black, red and teal green in other projects, lol. Still have the big cut of the Japanese print sitting in my stash waiting to be done. Had forgotten how I never could find a good partner for teal in my wardrobe. You'd have thought I would learn my lesson then.

But it's funny how you look for the perfect material and will know when you find it. Sort of a sixth sense.

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Of course I do. But I usually just take a day or two without stepping into the sewing room, then play with some fabric or start cleaning, and I'm recovered.


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