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vicky4x4July 2, 2011

Do you have 1 tool that you feel you just couldn't quilt without?

I have this little thing called a Whiz Kid from Brandy's Quilt Patterns. It is a 1/2 wide little ruler type thing to make HST. I LOVE it and use it all the time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whiz Kid

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My Elenor Burns square up ruler - can't do without this one.

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Yup, have that Whiz Kid tool and love it too! But I could live without that one.

But I couldn't live without the Add-A-Quarter/Add-An-Eight ruler for paper piecing! That is a wonderful tool!

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I suppose I could live without a rotary cutter and mat, but it sure does make quilting easier.


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Hmmmmm....looks like I need to get a Whizz-kid AND a square up ruler.

Lately I've been using my tailor's chalk a lot for marking. This is a set of 3 colors that I got years ago, but it has not deteriorated at all and still has some sharp edges on it. My white marking pencil doesn't show up well and I don't have a good pencil sharpener for regular lead pencils - so it's the chalk or an automatic pencil for marking.


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I'm pretty dependent on all of my rulers. It took me a while to find the 12.5x12.5 square up ruler I use for completed blocks but I love it. After receiving some birthday and lotto blocks that were too small to use, I have to admit that I wish everyone used a ruler to verify sizes.

I don't think I would enjoy quilting as much as I do if I didn't have the mat and rotary cutter. What a huge difference that's made in speed and accuracy!

My quilting friend, who sadly doesn't visit this forum, uses Jinny Beyer's "Perfect Piecer" multi-ruler for much of her hand piecing. She loves it and says she can't imagine how she sewed before she got it!


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How do you use the Whiz Kid? I googled - did not come up with instructions.
I guess I lucked out on my 12.5" x 12.5" ruler. When I first started piecing, I went to Joanns to buy rulers for the class. I asked a lady (another customer) who was looking at the quilting notions wall if she could recommend some rulers. She told me to get the 12.5" square - a must! and a 6 x 12. I thought everybody had / used a 12.5" X 12.5". So, maybe that is my answer - but, the item, I don't want to do without is a June Tailor Shape-cut. I think Rosa recommended it. I love it, and want the bigger one, but it is soooo expensive.

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My go-to rulers are the 6x24, the 6.5 square, and the 12.5 square. I do have a 6x12, but I rarely use it. When making a cross-cut on a piece of fabric, I want that full 24".

Other notions - well, not so much. I do not have the Whiz Kid, but another device for marking HST. I find I just don't get it out and use it. I can slap down a regular ruler, draw the diagonal, and my 1/4" foot takes care of the rest.

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It is hard to say just one--but life would be more difficult without my seam ripper. Rulers are a given but another thing that I love is my ice teaspoon---I would have a hard time closing my "sandwich pins" without it.
I have a ruler like the whis kid but can't say that I like it. Each his own. Jayne

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I use my Eleanor Burns 1/2 square triangle square up ruler and my 12.5x12.5 square up ruler all of the time but my new favorite is my 20.5x20.5 square ruler. I never thought I would need a ruler this big but use it all of the time. It is great for squaring up a quilt top, cutting large squares for setting and corner squares for blocks that are set on point, squaring up larger blocks....and the list goes on
The only problem I have is "where to store it?"


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This is my favorite tool - my ruler and rotary cutter all in one.

Here is a link that might be useful: rotary cutter ruler

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I have lots of tools but I think my light is my most essential tool. Strange how my age seems to creep up on me and things just aren't as easy to see anymore. I have an Ott light, and a generic version floor lamp and they are essential to what I do, both piecing and applique.

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Rotary cutter and mat, and big ironing board excluded, the one thing I could not give up would be my little squeeze thread nips. I live in fear of losing them.


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