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vicky4x4July 12, 2011

Do you have a special thread you like to use for quilting?

I know a lot of people don't like it but I almost always use Coats and Clark... I don't have the problems some have and it is cheapest.


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Whether it's hand quilting or machine quilting I always use C&C. I have strayed occasionally but I always come right back quickly. I've never found any thread as reliable as C&C.

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I use mostly C&C, too. It's easily obtainable from JoAnn's and it works fine in both my machines.


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I pretty much use only Guttermann & Mettler. I like their range of colors better than anyone else's. I tried Connecting Threads once & found it a little too heavy.

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Check out Long Creek Mills threads! I use the same thread for piecing and quilting with never a problem. Now I see they have long arm thread also.

I got cones of white and natural 100% cotton thread - I may never run out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Long Creek Mills

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My machine likes Mettler so I try to use that. It's always good to have a happy machine! Second best results are with Gutermann. I use Sulky for embroidery.
I really don't like to use invisible thread. I have made decisions not to sign up for some classes where the teacher requires you to use invisible thread.
Interesting discussion.

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I usually use Coats and Clark, although I have had to discard a few spools that refused to work in my machine. If Gutermann is on sale, I will stock up a little with that.

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C&C for hand piecing and hand quilting. Connecting Threads in my machine.

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I use C&C and Connecting Threads for piecing. They both work just fine in my machine. For quilting I use whatever I find for the color I want. I tend to use a lot of variegated thread so get whatever brand meets my needs.

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I have different kinds and not too fussy. I like Connecting threads but it is a little heavier then I like sometimes. I have some Long Creek Mills that I picked up when I was in Gastonia and like it. I like using cones as there is less changing. I am using up my big stash of C&C when I can. They are smaller spools and take up too much room. I piece and quilt on the machine with the same thread but use hand quilting thread when I quilt by hand. Use which ever is available and the color I want.
On the serger I only use Maxi Lock.

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