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vicky4x4July 7, 2011

How many quilts do you have "in progress" right now?

I'm sometimes making more than one quilt at a time. Right now I'm only working on my Tree of Life quilt. Do you ever have two or more quilt going at a time?


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I usually work on at least 2 at a time.

Right now I have the fabric cut for 2 quilts...... 'Forest Bricks' (mostly greens and golds) and a 'Chinese Coins'. I also have 3 smaller quilts with the main body of the top done and I am trying to decide on border fabrics.

I haven't done any sewing for about a month because of other commitments but I hope to get back to it very soon.


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Well, it depends on what you mean by "working on"! LOL I have 6 or so projects started. I'm actively working on 3 of them right now - a quilt for my hubby's BD (top priority), a Civil War BOM (I'm caught up on it, just got July's block the other day that I need to make) and a hand applique piece I'm working on in the evenings in front of the TV.

I also have 4 or 5 tops completed waiting for quilting. Geez, I need to get busy!


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more than 2.... :(

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Waaaaaay more than 2!!!

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I really don't want to know the answer to that question but, from here I can see 3. I try to keep one active in each stage. That way I can do what I feel like and I don't get bored. When you hand quilt you can get really tired of looking at the same fabric for months! And months!
ALSO...it gives the cats options as to where to sleep.

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I have 4? One top is done, 2 hand applique in progress and one "hybrid", some machine and some applique. I have the fabric for a few others, but haven't started. I'm sure once I go through that pile of fabric I inherited, since some of it is cut out, I'm sure I'll have a few more in the works :-)


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At least a million in my head ~lol~
I am currently working on a few, but I have tops & blocks in stages from needing quilting to organized by project - too many to count. Is that unusual?

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* Recently finished and just waiting on the longarmer to get it back to me: 1 king size
* Actually started and occasionally working on: just two. The Fun & Done picnic quilt and the batik hand applique quilt.
* Fabric sorted out and mentally working on the patterns: 3 more. The nap size Americana Tavern prints quilt, the Mt. Fuji panel lap quilt, and the Dakota Skies bargello (maybe) wall hanging.
* Blocks done but not yet put together: 1 set from a Christmas-y lotto winning and 1 set from the 2010/2011 Row Robin.
* Stuff in my head but not yet actively worked on: dozens! Including the seasonal wall hangings we all were talking about last year.


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I never have more than one in progress as long as I don't count the unfinished tops that need to be quilted. There are four or five of those. I also have a couple sets of orphan blocks around that I don't think I will bother to finish because I just dont' like them that much.

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'actively working on'.....good way to put it, Donna. lol

There are 3 being worked on, plus a BOM and a BOW. We won't talk about all the block sets awaiting my attention or the tops needing to be completed.


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Do you ever feel like you don't fit in? When I saw those low numbers I just about choked on my cup of coffee!
We are having a UFO Challenge with my quilt guild this year so I counted my UFOs; to begin the year I had 53 quilts on that list. (I have learned my lesson - no more signing up for classes until some of these are completed.)
Anyway, I have completed 8 that were on the list and 1 that was not on the list (a newly started one as of May 2011.) The challenge was something I needed because I always seem to go on to something new. I hope to finish at least one more by the end of the month.
I have found that my finishing skills are improving. I almost always did piecing so seldom got to practice the rest. I also sent out 2 quilts to have someone with a longarm quilt them for me. Normally I do the whole thing myself. It was a nice treat and I know I will do that again from time to time in the future.

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Oh my, right now I have 5 sandwiched, one of which is 2/3 done with the quilting. I have a top finished, but I think I might change it from a baby size to a full size so it may not be finished. I have all the flowers for a grandmothers' flower garden sewed vertically and they are waiting to be sewn horizontally with the funky angles. And I have 3 tops cut out ready to be worked on and at least 2 sets of fabrics set aside that I have plans for.

My initial response was that I try to finish what I'm working on before moving on, but I guess that only applies if I don't look at my exceptions!

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I wouldn't know where to begin-----I am activily working on my Sylvia's bridal quilt--20 more blocks of that to finish but the others--who knows--my sisters is waiting for the backing to come from back order and my BD blocks???????+my applique+&&&&&&&&&

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I feel like such a misfit - sniff, sniff - I have ONE that needs the FM quilting finished and then bound and ONE top waiting for all the rest of the process. Do I get extra points for this being my first real FM project and the fact that I'm working on a barn quilt project (4 count) for a fund-raising project? Oh, that's right, this isn't actually a contest, is it? I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever get back to it, other things keep me from opening the sewing room door. Hope the hinges aren't rusted shut by now.

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too many to count - although I loved Bon's comment about ...it gives the cats options as to where to sleep. I don't have a cat, but the dog does like curling up on the quilts! I just finished a baby quilt & yesterday finished FM quilting one that needs binding now. I have several in the blocks need to be joined stage ... and several others that need to be sandwiched and quilted.

It is kind of weird, I don't have ANY that are in the cutting stage - but lots and lots of quilts in the I bought the fabric now what do I want to do with it stage!

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I have six if I count my SBS blocks. I also have about 8 that are just tops and I'll quilt them someday when my big frame is moved upstairs.

Besides the SBS blocks which have gone on for four years or so, I have my rust/turquoise sampler blocks just sitting, my applique Hawaiian blocks actively moving along, my quarter Dresden plate blocks, pieced, actively moving along, my lime green/purple log cabin quilt just getting borders, and my blue/green blocks in the cutting department. I didn't count my redwork blocks which have three of four done but they are just a take along project I don't worry about completing - cause I'd just have to find another take along project.

I have several sample blocks bagged up with the fabric but I'm not sure they will make it to project stage. I make a sample and if it isn't as great as I thought it would be, I put it on the shelf and think on it. And, they're still there.

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ummmmm......more than 2, also

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Well now I have 4 that are going to be pinned together in the next day or so... and 4 that I am working on. My DH talks about all my projects, and I tell him that they get done in due time, and by the end of my deadline they are completed.

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I'm actively working on two, but I have several tops completed. I don't like having this many unfinished things, but, oh well.

One of the tops is really huge, and I will have to piece batting and backing for it, so it sits. Another, eh, I just don't like it all that much. A time will present itself for that one.

I also have a couple of baby quilts pieced - but no babies are in the picture at the moment, so they don't bother me in the least.

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