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jck1210July 25, 2010

I have never worked with it and heard its very stretchy. I wanted to use it in small segments in a baby blanket but then I'm tempted to use it as a back for an extra snuggly quilt too. Anyone every heard of using it for backing and any problems with quilting it on a long arm? Thanks


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Hi Kat,
I've become very fond of using Minky this year and I'm happy to share my experiences with it. There are two previous message threads you might want to look at for pictures and comments.
This is the baby quilt I made recently, using Minky as the backing: Minky Baby Quilt and Patchwork Puppy
And this is the 3.5' x 6' sofa quilt with Minky backing I made from the Lotto blocks I won in February this year: Lotto Block Quilt.

I love working with it! I does stretch but if you use a walking foot, the quilting isn't a problem. I would NOT try free motion quilting or anything too detailed because the small amount of stretching could be tricky, but with straight lines or mild curves, it's fine. I used more pinning than I normally do but that's all I did differently than normal.

Your quilting lines will not be very visible on the back on the quilt, but I would recommend using a thread color that matches the Minky as closely as possible.

Be prepared for a mess when you cut it because it sheds like crazy at the cut! Also be prepared for everyone who touches it to ask you to make them a quilt with Minky backing! It's irresistible. And if you have cats, you will not be able to keep them off of it.

Because the Minky is so soft and a bit thicker than regular backings I used very light batting. In one I used a flannel sheet and in the other I used the thinnest bamboo batting. Both worked fine.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks Kate!!

I placed my order for some pink and blue for baby quilts but also 3 yards of rich chocolate brown with a paisley pattern for a snuggly one for our house!!


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