LOOKING for: Looking For: French dressing w/Can tomato soup base

ole_dawgJune 24, 2007

When I was young my mother made a French salad dressing using Campbell's tomato soup for the base. I used the recipe

for years, but it was lost to Hurricane Andrew along with others. If anyone has it I would greatly appreciate receiving it. Also lost my grandmother's buttermilk cornbread recipe. Damn that storm

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Here is one I found on Southern Cuisine @ about.com:

French Dressing

This is an easy and popular French dressing recipe, made with tomato soup.

* 1/2 cup granulated sugar
* 1 cup vegetable oil
* 2 tablespoons salt
* 1 teaspoon paprika
* 1 can tomato soup, undiluted
* 1 1/2 cups cider vinegar
* 1 large onion, grated
* 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
* 1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Combine ingredients; shake or whisk well. Store in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator.
Makes about 4 cups.

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I've been using this one for years...no one knows it's soup.

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French Dressing

Recipe By :Katie
Serving Size : 0 Preparation Time :0:00
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Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 can tomato soup
1 c oil
1/2 c vinegar
1/3 c sugar -- or honey
1 tsp dry mustard
1 tsp celery salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder

Shake in quart jar. Makes about 3 cups.

Clipped from a magazine, 1982
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Here's a buttermilk cornbread recipe. Hope it's similar to what you were looking for:
1 1/2 cups cornmeqal
1/3 cup flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup buttermilk
2 eggs, well beaten
2 cups milk, divided
2 TBL butter

combine cornmeal, flour, sugar, baking soda & salt in a large bowl. Add the buttermilk, eggs & 1 cup of the milk. Beat with a spoon until smooth.
Melt the butter in a 9" heavy skillet. When the skillet is hot, pour in the batter. Pour the remaining 1 cup milk over this. Bake in a preheated 350° oven for about 50 minutes or until lightly browned. cut into wedges & serve.~~Hancock Community Collection

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The tomato soup dressing ws always my favorite growing up.
It was very similar to the 1st one but I think it had some prepared yellow mustard in it.
I used to made it as a BD gift for a friend, it was all he wanted!
I just throw all ingredients in the blender!

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Here's one Mom always made:

Diane's Home Cookin Chapter: Heirlooms , Traditional & Ethnic

Melania's Tomato Soup Dsg
1 can undiluted tomato soup
1-1/4 cups veg oil
3/4 cup vinegar
½ tsp. each garlic powder, pepper & paprika
½ c. honey
1 teaspoon each salt, mustard( dry) & horseradish
. Mix well-refrigerate til use.

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