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frabeeJune 20, 2007

I've got out of town guests coming for a week and I need some easy to put together (and freeze for later) recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't want to spend most of my time in the kitchen while they're here. Any sympathetic souls out there who can help me? :) Thanks!

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My best foods for company for a week are those that cook quickly, like chicken breast, porkchops, steaks, scrambled eggs. A dish of lasagna in the freezer is always great, but my stand by are daily cook it meals.
Linda C

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Thanks LindaC for the tips, I didn't know you could freeze scrambled eggs. Appreciate it!

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No....I didn't mean to freeze those things...but I mean they are so quick you can cook them in a lot less time than it takes to defrost....however you can freeze scrambled eggs...but why bother?
When I am having company I make sure I have chicken, either boneless skinless breasts or pieces, pork chops, steaks, some shrimp in the freezer and vegetables for stir fry, a stack of home made muffins, rolls and bread already baked and frozen and I'm good to go.
I can't think of anything more dreary than a week of pre-prepared food from the freezer.
Linda C

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