Now: The Whitest White for my Trim

beekeeperswifeMay 20, 2011

Ok, I think I like the Linen White the best. I have Cloud White on all my trim. However, is there a whiter white? Super White? Super Nova White? Blind Me White? Help My Eyes Are Burning White?

The Cloud White might not be White enough for me. So, rather than me standing there again tomorrow, let me know what is THE BRIGHTEST WHITE KNOWN TO MAN? (Preferably a BM paint to save me some steps.)

The only trim in this room is the pathetic small baseboard, and the doors. And the window sill, which you usually can't see anyway.

Once this question is answered, there will be one more quiz....

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Sorry this is not a BM paint/color; but Martin Senour makes a white that's called "Brite White".(It is a truly white paint) It's their trim paint, no mixing required. We used it for years on houses (I don't think you'll find a brighter white). Don't know your location, but you can go to Martin Senour to locate a store possibly in your area.

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Sorry if this is a double-post - I don't think my first one went through. Anyway, I have BM Decorator's White in my house and it is very bright - I would describe it as really friggin white. :)

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I use Benjamin Moore's Super White, premixed, right off the shelf.
Love it.

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Pre-mixed white
Decorator's White
Simply White

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I also use Super White. It really is a crisp white, and as mentioned, premixed. I really like it.

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BM's Super White - Cabinet Coat for trim. It always looks good, but against the darker colors, it looks even more fabulous ;)

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Another vote for Super White! We have it against antique white walls in one room and it really pops!

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BM Super White is what I used for the trim in the lavender study in this post. I've also used Pratt and Lambert Designer White in the past, which I really like as a BRIGHT, true white.

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It is premixed and in Canada it is called BM Ultra White. We have used it for years and it is my favorite white for trim.

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Another BM Super White lover here....

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We used BM Super White mixed up in Aura paint, matte finish for our kitchen/LR/DR/foyer/hallway walls and ceilings, and all three bathroom ceilings. It's a very clean white.

We love it, too!!

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You have lots of great suggestions and I don't know anything about paint color but I will just mention something that I did many years ago.

We were moving from out of state to a home that we were going to redecorate and needed to remove all the wall paper through out the entire house. I was living in another state waiting for our house to sell so my visits to the "new" house was every other week or so.

After all the paper was removed, I decided to just paint the whole house a light cream with white trim. Got lots of paints chips, picked out the two colors - looked just great together in the light of the new house. My DH had a painter come in to paint the whole house before we moved in any furniture.

I show up one day before the painter is almost finished. Open the front door and ugh - something is definitely wrong! Seems I did not know the first basic rule of white - there is such a thing as a "cool" white and a "warm" white. I had chosen one of each and they looked just dreadful when up on the walls and trimmed together.

Luckily, we were able to call in a decorator who quickly picked a color to change the walls with (to repaint the trim and doors would have been too expensive and time consuming) and we were able to move in with no delay.

So my only advice as far as paint color goes is . . . with a light cream on the walls, be sure the white works - don't just rely on the paint chip.

I think your inspiration picture is very calming and serene.

HTH a little.


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In our first house, we did a white trim/beige wall combo and our builder thought we were insane. He'd never heard of such a thing. By the time we finished painting and he saw the end result, he really liked it. It wouldn't have worked unless the trim was super white. I wish I could remember the color name, sorry. Good luck, you're on the right track!

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I agree that whether a white is "warm" or "cool" does make a big difference, though I have no idea how you actually tell one from another. When I was looking for a white for my kitchen, the BM color consultant showed me her five favorite "warm" whites. We chose Mascarpone for the walls and Simply White for the trim, both of which are supposed to be "warm". My Millenium Cream granite is also supposed to be "warm", as is my Crema tile back-splash.

But how does one know what constitutes a warm or cool color?

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If I have trouble discerning the "undertone" in a white, I ask to see the actual color formula. That can tell you a lot when you see it has blue in it, or if it has yellow or umber. Years ago when we were painting the exterior of our house (DE Boulder Gray) the painter was trying to talk me into using DE Swiss Coffee for the trim, as it's a premixed color. I thought I saw yellow in it and asked to find one w/a gray undertone to better match both the paint and the white cladding on our windows. A test swatch looked terrible next to the gray. Turns out the Swiss Coffee did have yellow in the formula, so we found a white that had the same reflectance (brightness) but didn't include any yellow colorant.

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Linen White is not a "white white." Definitely a yellow tinge to it. I have it and like it, but not white-white for sure. Two "white whites" I used for trim are Decorator's White and Simply White. I like the description of DW as "really friggin white." How funny!

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SW High Reflectance White. No color additives - right off the shelf. Somehow it seemed warm even though there were no pigments added. Seemed to reflect more light too. It really stood out amongst all of the other whites in the brochure.

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Exactly what ttodd said: SW High Reflectance White. I have been trying to pick out some white and accidentally went way too far to the super white side when I picked up that sample. I also have some SW Extra White which is nearly as white as High Reflectance, but just slightly less white. Both are much more white than they appeared in the sample brochure.

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I was also to say SW Extra White. That is the trim in our LR, and it is pretty bright. It is brighter than the Valspar white I previously used.

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I have BM Super White throughout my house, and love it.

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BM Linen White is yellowis in my house.

Decorator's White and SW Pure White are very white.

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