How much many inches of batting do I need for a coverlet

maggie200July 16, 2011

Hello sweet people.

I was told 4" and I wonder what you all use. I chose to make a quilted coverlet because I am way too hot in a comforter

Plan to use a blanket if I need more.

Thanks and hugs, Maggie

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Is this for that Robert Allen bedspread? I usuall cut batting and backing around 4" bigger all around than the quilt top. So that's 8" wider and 8" longer. Since its not pre-washed cotton quilting fabric, have you tested the Allen fabric to see if its washable and how much it might shrink? Others here might have a better idea of the potential for shrinkage - I'm just asking because a lot of it recommends dry cleaning.

Hope that helps!

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I asked the question wrong k8orlando. I saw in my mind what I needed to say - sorry Yes, it is for the Robet Allen bedspread which I hope to start next month - 2 weeks !! wow, How high or thick should the batting be is what I meant. Now that part about the dry cleaning is very helpful too.
Hugs, maggie.

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Oh sorry! I did read it wrong. The 4" loft you mentioned will be very difficult to quilt! I don't think I've even seen batting that thick. The one I use most often is about 1/8th inch thick.

The thickness and type of batting you use is completely up to you. I like a very thin batting called Warm & Natural that's 100% cotton because I can use it almost year round here in Florida. There is a nice thin batting made of bamboo fibers that's nice too. Poly/cotton mix battings come in a variety of lofts (thicknesses) and are thick enough to really show up the quilting in a nice way. Thinner battings won't give you as much definition so you won't notice the quilting design as much. Another option is wool or a wool blend. These tend to be more expensive but even the thin wool ones show the quilting beautifully and the drape of the quilt is soft and nice. I'm a big fan of the wool but never use it because I'm afraid it would be too warm for Florida quilts.

I'm sorry if that's confusing but there really isn't one right answer. Like so much of quilting, it's a matter of what you like.


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Here's a chart that might help!

Here is a link that might be useful: batting chart

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4" thickness of batting is far loftier than most comforters, and will be much hotter. You're saying you want a coverlet, not as warm as a comforter. You also can't sew through that with a domestic sewing machine. I have a commercial long-arm, and there's no way I'd attempt to sew through 4" of batting.

But 4 inches extra all around (width and length) is a perfectly reasonable number.

So the question needing to be answered is who told you this, and were they actually answering the question you asked?

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Let me start over. I have confused terms. Poor k8orlando and Mary A woman who does quilts wrote a note that said 4" fiberfill.
Does that sound better and is that what I want?

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OK, I'm still confused.

Fiberfill is a bag of loose polyester fibers suitable for stuffing pillows or plush toys. You can't use fiberfill in a quilt.

Quilt batting is a sheet of either cotton or poly or other fibers which have been formed into a sheet, or blanket, by needlepunching, or layering with a scrim, or whatever. But it handles like a thin blanket.

That's what you want in a coverlet. I think your source of information is possibly using the wrong vocabulary.

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I think you are right,and I thank you for answering at this late hour. So 1/8th inch is just about right for batting as k8orlando said?

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Maggie, if you go look at batting in a store or even on-line you'll understand I think. You'll see the different materials and the different lofts that are available. You'll see that you can buy it in pre-cut sizes (queen, full, king, crib and craft sizes) or you can buy it off a wide roll so you can get just the yardage you want.

Mary is right. Unless you are making stuffed animals or sleeping bags you don't want fiberfil!

The Warm & Natural (and Warm & White) is about 1/8". Some of the nice poly/cotton blends will be a little thicker without being warmer. Maybe 1/2" or a little more before it's sandwiched between the top and the backing.

What are you using for backing? Is it a quilting cotton or a heavier home decor fabric?


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Kate, Hi there,
Oh yes I do know what fiberfill is and have a bag I use at Christmas for snow in my litle villages and stuffed animals. That is why I started this discussion with the term batting when I came here to be set straight. I had a feeling this lady wrote it wrong....I will use a polyester/cotton backing. From your chart that is what suits me as you just described.Thanks again for that.
The backing will be a cotton quilting. I have an appliqued quilt my mom and I did a long time ago and that is what I know.
Oh and if I use 1/2" batting I will get enough definition and One more question here. I plan on having shabby chic shams with a gathered or scalloped flange. Do you think I should quilt them too? I know it is preference and thought that they could be floppy and with soft pillows. Because I have a king size bed I will have 2 king size pillows and a regular - none which I will use!

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I am unaware of any batt that has the loft you speak of but believe I understand you want you comforter thicker then the usual quilt. My suggestion would be to use 2 extra loft batts, available in a polyester, fuse them with a spray adhesive. I do not believe they could be quilted or would I believe you would wish a comforter quilted. I think this is a place where you would tie at 6-8 inch interval.MHO

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Hello nanajane. I am getting squared away now with Kate and mary's help. I was sent a note with very wrong terminology from someone who is supposed to be knowlegeable. If you read the last couple of posts you will see that since challenging the term "fiberfill" here I hae gotten almost to the place I need to be. Thank heaven I have you people. Thanks for posting to help me.Maggie

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K8orlando. I wanted to talk to you some more but now I thought is would be nice to finally understand what his woman was telling me. She said 4" fiberfill and meant 4 oz. batting. Her understanding of the language is just not there. I was about to say I am sorry to you but more than that I grateful that you hung in with me in the most respectable way. I thnak you alot.

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No apology necessary! And I'm happy to help whenever I can, just like the quilters on this forum have helped me.


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