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carol23_gwJune 6, 2009

I appreciate all the advice given here and have been reading posts.

I'm going to list my house on Zillow and Craig's list. It's a basic home in an area without many homes for sale in a modest price range. Taxes are low, school district is good, zip code is 19008.

For those having success, I would like to know if you offered a commission to a buyer's agent or were able to sell the house directly to a buyer.

Another question - I have a National Wildlife Certified Backyard Habitat. Should I include this in the description or omit it?

More a turn off than an asset?

There is a lot of garden with this property. I will post pictures to ask if you think it should be mentioned or played down.

Thanks for your advice.


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I'm a big fan of nature and wildlife and having it on my property but I have no idea what a National Wildlife Certified Backyard Habitat is. In my experience wildlife and gardens don't go well together - alot of work to fight off the wildlife to keep the gardens going. Seems like some pictures would speak for themselves and maybe not necessary to say much more.

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Ok, it's more a bird garden though both salamanders and toads have been attracted by creating habitat for them. I keep a certain amount of leaf litter beneath some areas of the garden. The garden beds are edged and the lawn is well maintained.

Here are two pictures from the back garden. The National Wildlife habitat includes some diversity of native species and suitable places for birds to nest, have shelter, drink water. There is a combination of evergreen and deciduous trees. There are layers of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. For instance, I planted a serviceberry tree which is now loaded with fruit for the catbirds and robins. The red flowered tree is Aesculus pavia, a hummingbird magnet.

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You might get someone who would really appreciate this beatiful yard, which I assume does take a bit of care etc. I would really be upset to sell it to someone who would tear everything out. Yes I know that a buyer will do what they want to and you might not be able to turn down a legimate buyer.
Have you contacted any bird groups in your area? Or are you near a college? I am not familar with Craig's list, but do watch your contacts.
Good luck

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I LOVE your backyard and if I had money and was in your area, I would fall in love with your home just due to the most gorgeous backyard it has!

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We are also a National Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. I received our certification in 2004.

Since the certification does NOT transfer to the new owners I would not mention it in your advertising.

I would, however, include a handout for people that tour your home explaining about the certification & that they may choose to reapply.

We are on Long Island Sound & have our certification sign mounted on a post with a lighthouse on top. The sign draws people like a magnet...they knock on our door asking about its meaning. Most seem to think it means our gardens are open to the public. (Smile) It's not a problem, for us, since I'm always glad to give people a tour but if my home were on the market...not sure I'd like having folks just wandering around on their own?

Good luck with your sale.


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I'd love your property. The thing I like, aside from the fact it's gorgeous, is that it's private. We are probably the worst about spending time on yard and garden work and I would be completely sucked in by the photos. I'd be telling myself - well maybe I'd just have to find time to take care of the gorgeous grounds or hire someone or something!! It's really, really beautiful.

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Thank you, everyone, for the comments. It would be nice if the buyers won't get out the chain saw and remove everything, but it could happen. Once I am no longer the owner, it is not my concern.

It's very private and has continuous feathered visitors of all sizes. Perhaps I will mention bird and butterfly garden in my write up. I have both host and nectar plants for the monarchs.

Here's the plaque from the National Wildlife Federation.
It's attached to my gate as the back yard is fenced.

Tricia, thank you for advising me on this. It would be nice if the future owners would continue the tradition and apply for the plaque.

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I'm not sure you are going to get top value with a zillow listing. Your yard is quite unique and could potentially be valuable to the right buyer. 19008 is outside phili, right? If so, you might want to contact the audubon society or similar local groups there and see if they have newsletters etc that accept advertising.

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Yes,definitely add that information in your listing and be careful with different websites.

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You asked if you should co - op with a potential buyers agent. That is totally up to you. Here are the stats.
95% of buyers have buyer agents. So if you choose not to co - op, you are left with the 5%. And because your yard is so unique, the chances are even greater that your buyer is in that 95% group.
Now, it is not impossible to sell to that 5%, but your chances are statistically much higher if you market to 100% of the buyer population.
Good luck.

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