Moenstone Granite sink

snigelApril 14, 2014

My kitchen undermount Moenstone Granite sink split and will need replaced. Moen discontinued these and has no replacements. Does anyone know where we should check for possible inventory on these? We will have a major project and possibly have to replace the granite counters if we cannot find the exact sink. I have already checked amazon, ebay and craigslist. Any other suggestions?

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I recently replaced a cheap stainless steel sink with a nice Franke granite for a customer. The cut-out didn't match perfectly, but it was surprisingly not that big a deal.

Measure your cut-out and you'll know what you're up against when sink shopping. Granite sink openings can be made larger and polished on site without too much expense.

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This customer didn't want to spend the money to have his cut-out enlarged to match the sink, so the rear reveals don't match the sides and the deck overhangs a bit too much at the faucet curve.

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This is my sink--see the left side cracked. Odd shape to have to fit. We went to showrooms today and it looks like if I want to keep undercounter mount, then I'm faced with replacing the granite because the sales people could not find anything that the granite could be cut bigger to fit. Or, I found one sink that we could trim back the curve in the back and drop in a top mount with a rim above the granite hole. Any other ideas? Or, places to try for a Moenstone sink this shape?

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I'd slap some fiberglas on the bottom of that sink to stop the leak until I was ready to remodel.

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Any luck with the sink I am in the same boat as you??

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These sinks had something like a 15 year warranty... Is your sink under warranty?

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