LOOKING for: Homemade Biskquick-type baking mix...

shamboMay 1, 2007

...made with oil instead of Crisco. I used to have a recipe I used all the time but have lost it. I varied the flour -- sometimes all AP and sometimes half WW & AP. I'd like to try it again with the white whole wheat flour. Your help is appreciated!

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The one at the site below uses oil.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bisquick

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Thanks, Ginger, and thank you also for overlooking my typo in the post subject.

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No problem! Hope that was the recipe you wanted.

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I really like the baking mix recipe from SACO Buttermilk Blend -- in any supermarket, w/ address on the tub -- which uses shortening. I'm not into oil instead of shortening, but I avoid hydrogenated oils & substitute butter -- you can see I'm far from pure. But my reason for adding NO fat to my SACO baking mix per se is that I want to add fat differently in different circumstances: for pancakes -- so my last-cooked pancake will be as fluffy as my first -- I emulsify w/ the egg yolks my softened fat (bacon drippings or butter), then I combine that mixture + the combined milk & lightly beaten egg whites to the dry ingredients; but for biscuits I cut chilled butter into the flour mixture before adding liquids. If nothing else, I hope this introduces you &/or others to SACO.

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