Locating Replacement Hinges for 1978 Era Kitchen Cabinets

Tom1042April 2, 2013

Can someone help me locate replacement hinges for my kitchen cabinets? I have some broken self closing hinges on my cabinets and cannot identify the brand. They are inset type bronze finish. The photo shows a logo and patent number.

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I think you can still find these. Have you tried BB stores? Ebay maybe?

I feel like you should be able to find something darn close without too much trouble.

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Yes, you can still get these. They're usually called partial inset hinges or lipped hinges. The key is measuring each of the sides of the corner piece accurately so that you know what size you need--they tend to come in combinations of 1/2" or 3/8" but sometimes in other sizes as well. If you have a weird size it can be a challenge (I had to get ours on eBay finally...and then we ended up not reusing our cabinets, augh!) but if yours are only 35 years old they'll probably be in one of the more standard sizes.

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I have the same hinges, I think ours were 3/8". We found them at Lowe's. We replaced the our brass or bronze with the nickel finish. The holes for the exposed part of the hinge fit perfectly. However, the 3 holes on the inside of the door did not match up and we had to drill new. Luckily, the hinge did cover the existing holes so they are not seen, nor had to be filled. I think Lowes only had 2 different sizes. I did look on Ebay and different sites, but did not find a perfect match.

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