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stinkydavisMay 2, 2008

I used to know a family in Ridegwood, NJ who moved there from Aussie - Brisbane, I think. She made Pork Pie, possibly called Sweet and Sour Pork Pie by some. I have lost the recipe but what I remember is: a lard based crust, 1 to 1-1/2 lb ground pork (I think), canned crushed pineapple, green peppers. I think the recipe called for browinig the pork, but otherwise I'm lost. She may have used some extra pork fat, but again, I just can't recall. Can't find recipes here or Google, etc.

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Check out the one below but it's not from Australia.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pork Pie

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WOW - you're good. If that's not the exact recipe it's a first cousin. My Aussie friends no doubt used a recipe with Chinese origin anyway. How can I thank you - been looking for years. Altho it doesn't say so, unless the ground pork has a fairly high fat content, I think it's important to brown it in pork fat or bacon fat. The 'healthy lean' pork everyone sells today contains too little fat, i.e., no fat for cooking, and less flavor.

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You're very welcome. I agree about the lean pork. Just doesn't taste as good now.

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Ginger - I made this the other day using a 10" - 11" pie pan, 2-1/2 lb ground pork plus 1/3 lb extra ground pork fat. I made lard pastry. I'd say it was fine, almost the exact taste I remember and wanted to re-create, but even with the added fat, it wasn't as moist as I'd like. That didn't keep me from finishing it off over a few days - I love dishes that you can slice up and nuke for lunch.

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Glad you liked it. Guess you'll just have to keep tweaking it to get it exactly as you remember.

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