roseluverMay 10, 2013

I was diagnosed today with COPD or emphysema. I have been having a shortness of breath especially when I sing. I am not a smoker, but lived with one for 18 years. Have any of you had this and what was your outcome?? My grandfather died with this. Not a happy thought.

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Curious, and I am NOT being critical, but who diagoned you and what tests did you take. My DH has it But it is NOT lung related, but heart related--that is because of fluid build up on the walls of the lungs, several years ago, open heart surgery etc it affected his heart valves which was pumping the blood which in turned affected the lungs. One Dr. said his lungs were ok, but his copd is a different type. But now there is lung damage due to the cancer. Just a different perspective on COPD from his health. So you might want to get a second opinion, before you start to take a bunch of stuff.

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I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I have an aunt that was diagnosed with emphysema many years ago, also a non smoker exposed to secondary smoke forever. She is living a happy, normal, fulfilling life today, enjoying her grand babies. It was 40 years ago she received the news.
I don't know what your health in general is, or this the first time for what you might deem to be devastating news of this kind. What I can say is something my wonderful wife taught me when I was first diagnosed with Diabetes then a few types of cancer. You can not own your diseases, if you let them they will own you.

With todays medical advances and meds and the fact you are non smoker is a plus. There are so many, many worse things to be diagnosed with.

Getting a second opinion is a must.

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I was a "super cool" smoker back in the days when it was so cool to smoke and now I pay the price with COPD and emphysema and the inevitable shortness of breath. Unfortunately back in the day when they were telling us how cool we would look with a cigarette in our hand...not that we needed any convincing...we liked it and enjoyed one mentioned that we would have trouble just doing the normal things we need to do to make life enjoyable. I manage daily chores but this year, I am forced to give up most of the gardening I love and can no longer walk long distances. You do what you can do and learn to live with what you can not do any more...

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I was at the doctor's office 3 hours today. I went through all kinds of test before all was ruled out but COPD. I have faith in my doctor. I was given medicine to last three weeks, he believes I will be considerable better by then. I know him well enough to know if I am not better I will be sent to a specialist. He discovered I had rheumotoid arthritis and was sent to the very best doctor in our area. I am now totally free of pain. I have survived many things including cancer, I will overcome this also. Knowing others have this and listening to their story will help me on my journey down this road. And this will not own me. Thanks for the thought!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

my husband was diagnosed with it several years ago but he is not very symptomatic currently thankfully. My sister has serious problems with it, she has an oxygen supply at home plus has to use a cpap machine at night plus inhalers and meds. Both of them were heavy smokers. My husband was diagnosed by xray and ct scan.

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My uncle smoked for most of his life and had emphysema for decades. He died at 92. I'm guessing this disease is fairly manageable for many, and hopefully you too. Wishing you well.

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You said that all kinds of tests were done, but you didn't say what tests you had. You also said your doctor gave you medicine to last you through three weeks, then you'll see him again and, if necessary, you'll be referred to a specialist.

Was one of the "tests" an Xray of your lungs? A simple chest Xray can reveal COPD.

What medication did your doctor give you? Common prescriptions include Advair and Spiriva. They are similar, but function slightly differently.

You should probably see a specialist. You should see a Pulmonologist. One of the best tests to be done is a Pulmonary Function Test.

Pulmonology is a "branch" of internal medicine, and it is also closely tied to intensive care medicine.

I wish you the best.

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Last year my internist starting listing COPD on my chart. I'm 72.

I developed asthma in my thirties, after a stressful 24 months when my mother was dying of leukemia. I received no prophylactic treatment until Advair came along around 2000. Until then I was given steroids to treat flare-ups -- and I have the bone loss to prove it! Since Advair...almost no flare-ups and no need for a 'rescue' inhaler (albuterol).

Advair is wonderful, but I'd like to see it go generic after all these years, instead of retailing for $325/mo. How much profit is 'enough'?

arosegirl -- Steroids *wire* me. I always ask for a sleeping aid when I have to take them. A 5 mg. Ambien is plenty for me.

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Advair has a steriod in it. One of the reasons it works so well. :-)

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A dear friend's Mom was diagnosed with COPD about 40 years ago. She's still here.

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Lindsey -- Yes, I know about the meds in Advair. At least the dose doesn't *wire* me like the oral steroids! And...steroids or no, at least I'm still breathing, and therefore *living*. LOL

When Advair was new on the market you could buy it or you could buy two inhalers to take the two ingredients separately -- for a lot less money. Then the makers of Advair bought out the company selling (I think the salmeterol). Then they had the market to themselves. They can charge whatever the market will bear now.

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If you're asking if there's a cure, there is not as far as I know but I do know several people with various COPD that lived long lives if that's your concern. 70s, 80s and 90s are not that unusual.

COPD is an unbrella term for a number of conditions. It will depend on what you have.

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No, there is not a cure for COPD, and it is a progressive disease. But, yes, thankfully, it can be controlled.

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