LOOKING for: need recipe for sour dough

loraleeMay 24, 2009

I understand there is a starter recipe for sour dough bread. Does anyone have the recipe to get the dough started?

thanks for your help

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Here's a previous thread with recipes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sourdough

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Ginger thanks so much I will check it out. I am on vacation until late next month. I am finding and tasting all these great things and need recipes so I can make them at home.

I am going to be cooking for a month of Sundays with new recipes.

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Have any of you ladies made a sourdough starter from scratch? I read where it takes a long time to get the dough to just the right taste.

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beachlily z9a

No, my sourdough starter is over 100 years old. I have it bubbling as we speak.

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I just sent for a starter am hoping they still are sharing the starter.

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Loralee, I made my sourdough starter from scratch. I've had it going for a while now. It should be fed weekly. The recipe is from Amy's Bread. I tried others but wasn't happy with them. I like this one because it is made from just organic rye flour and spring water without anything else added. I baked a double batch of sourdough bread today using the starter without the addition of commercial yeast.


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