"Magic" Way To Prevent Cup Rings on Marble ... Not a Coaster

kikoApril 27, 2013

Saw this today; they just need to invent a floating wine glass too!

Here is a link that might be useful: Floating Mug

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Oh, that is really cool!

But I'll wait till the price comes down. :-)

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Very interesting. I do not get etches from coffee cups on my marble. I don't have any wine glass ring etches either, for that matter. Etches, yes. But not from anyone's beverage cup/glass.

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well, on my counters the little part of that mug that touches the counter would leave a mark.

Everyone knows to get a coaster around here. However, just the other night, someone (who does know better) had a beer bottle, put it down for a second or two, then picked it back up. I looked the next day. Dang. a 1/2 circle.

I don't fret too much. Like I say, it's the circles that drive me. The splats? eh, no worries they blend.

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Funny, but seems to me that's what saucers are for, with more room for drips and spills.

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Just a mug or a wine glass on marble is enough to leave an etch? Even when dry?

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No. A mug is not enough to leave an etch. The coffee or tea in it will NOT etch. At least with my Carrara marble. A wine glass will NOT etch. If you spill wine, it will etch. A beer bottle will NOT etch. Beer will NOT etch.

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Breezy I wouldn't think so but Bee says hers does. If that's the case I wouldn't think you could put anything on the counter, not even something decorative.
Bee why do mugs leave a mark? Are they wet, is it the heat, or??

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Bee has Super White counters, which claim to be quartzite. Unfortunately, hers has enough of the composition of marble that she has etching. A true marble will not etch with a mug, wine glass (unless spilled), coffee, tea, or beer bottle.

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