RECIPE: Guess it's time to clean out the pantry

angelaidMay 12, 2009

Was filling up bags for the food bank this weekend when I realized all the canned vegetables expired in 2006!

DH can't resist a bargain on "cases" of food and I usually cook fresh or frozen vegetables, not canned.

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Wrong forum. Again. I've officially lost my mind. LOL

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Wondering....did you mean to post that on the Antiques and Collectables forum...
Linda C...DARFC

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Next time take them directly to the Food Bank, that way they won't clutter up your pantry and won't expire before they are eaten.

My dad used to do that, and they'd have rows of canned peas with dates on top in maker. I couldn't swallow a canned pea if it was the last bit of food on earth.

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