RECIPE: Looking for: Ham and Cheese on Rye Bread

cbarkstonMay 13, 2007

Does anyone have a recipe for "Ham and Cheese on Rye Bread" that I can make in my bread machine----or something similar that I could adapt? Thanks in advance!

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I don't understand. You want to make a sandwich in a bread machine or do you want a rye bread recipe for a bread machine?

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Never heard of this but check out the recipe below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ham/cheese rye bread

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Here's one where the person who posted to the right of the recipe substituted ham for the bacon. Check it out. It's for a bread machine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bread Machine Recipe

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Yes, I'm looking for a rye bread recipe for the bread machine that has ham and cheese in the bread (mustard and onion too!!!). I adapted the first one for the bread machine and it's baking right now. It smells wonderful---just like lunch! I'll let you know how it turns out soon!!!!! Thanks for your input.

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OK----I shredded the cheese and finely chopped the deli sliced ham because I thought that would be better for the bread machine. You can't see it or taste it. Do you think I can get away with adding more and dicing both? Also, the cheese burned on the bottom of the loaf. Would cubing it make it less likely to burn? And I added dried minced onion---can't see it or taste it either. Could I use fresh chopped onion? Come to think of it---you can't taste the mustard either. Maybe the rye/caraway is too strong and overpowers? Should I use less rye flour and caraway????? What do you think? (PS---it does taste really pretty good, just not at all the flavors I was going for....)
Thanks for your advice!!!

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I've never used a bread machine so I hope someone else here can help you.

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Nancy zone 6

I'm probably not the person to reply, but I agree that maybe the ham would be better not chopped very fine, shouldn't make a dif with the machine. I have made a pepperoni bread with slight chunks & liked to bite into the pepperoni. The cheese will probably melt anyway so I don't really think larger pieces will make much difference. I don't know that cubing would make it less likely to burn, seems like it would be more likely. I think the rye could very well overpower other flavors, just add a bit more mustard & onion. I have made a bread using fresh onion & liked it quite well, although it might have even less flavor than dried? I know dried herbs have more flavor than fresh. Of course, I could be nudging you entirely the wrong direction, but that is what I would try. Sounds tasty, I may have to give this a try, but will be a while before I get a chance. If you try again with alterations, please let us know how it turns out.

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rosewest, I use my bread machine all the time to knead dough, although I never bake in it. I use the dough cycle, then bake in the oven, I like the crust better that way.

I agree, I'd make the pieces of ham bigger. I'd probably also add more onion and mustard, if the flavors aren't prominent enough for your purposes. I do make a honey mustard bread that is darned good and it takes dried onion which does add an appreciable flavor. The cheese is gonna melt, no matter what, but bigger pieces might result in a bigger cheese flavor. My bread machine will signal me after the first rise to add cheese or whatever, I make my additions then.

I think there's nothing to do with this except experiment. And make good notes, LOL, so you'll know what you need to do next time!


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How much onion and mustard does your bread recipe call for---say per 2-3 cups flour????

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