Are you quilting this weekend? June 6-8

lindaoh_gwJune 5, 2014

This has been a busy week for us. We began the process of listing our house for sale. We would like to move to the Columbus area to be near our DD and her family. We would be closer to our DS and his family also. I have very mixed feelings about moving. We have been in our present home for 41 years and love it here. I will miss my quilting friends too. We are a very close group that meets every week. But on the other hand, I want to be close to my grandchildren. They grow up so quickly and I don't want to miss that.
Now we need to find a house with space for my quilting studio. So many decisions to make... I hope I am ready for this.
Back to quilting, I am making a quilt for my youngest grandson. It needs borders and then the quilting. I hope to get it done this weekend.
Are you quilting this weekend?
Linda OH

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I hope things work out well with your move. Even the best moves are fraught with frustration. Things to sort, pack, new places to get used to. We've been lucky enough to love each new place. I'm sure you will too with the proximity to your family.

Probably not much quilting due to working on a garage sale for an organization I belong to. Need to sandwich my son's quilt so I can start quilting.

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Hope the sale and search for new goes well for you. Moving can be exciting but also stressful. Go for the exciting!
No sewing again. Painters who were expected last week arrived this week and have two more days work.
Oh wait, I did sew. My living room curtains were always short and I have looked at them for at least ten years and wanted to fix that. Finally yesterday while they were down, I went at it and unpicked the hems, and hand stitched them back up. Now to give them a press. My mother was a beautiful hand sewer and all the while I was stitching, I thought of her, gone 32 years.
Have a good weekend everyone!

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Good luck with the house selling and finding, Linda!

I may sew some tomorrow. I didn't do much last weekend - I just plain didn't feel like it! :(. Sunday many of the church staff have volunteered to attend multiple services for a surprise (me included), then we are having a big church-wide party we are required to work at, so no sewing Sunday!

I am currently in St. Louis for a work conference. We are flying home this afternoon.


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Linda good luck with your upcoming move. I would imagine the most difficult thing is trying to pack 41 years worth of stuff into boxes to get relocated to a new home -- that's what I would find the most stressful ... the move itself. I hope you enjoy your future years though being closer to your grandkids. Hope your move goes smoothly.

I am going to work on hand-quilting the 5th row of blocks on my parents' quilt this weekend, .... and I have my sewing desk cleared off so I may work on a 2nd project as well, ... we'll see.

Best to you and yours,

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Linda OH, After the move, when things settle down, you'll be glad you did it. Having children close by to help with emergencies can't be, you helping with theirs. Just knowing they're there brings a semblance of peace. The thing I hate the most is having to find new doctors! You know you'll make new quilting friends and I'm sure there are a few quilt guilds there for you to choose from.

One of our cats is in bad girl mode because I've arranged things so she can't climb up high in my sewing area. She's yowling, glaring at me, knocking things over and just plain being a every room!

I have a quilt sandwiched and one I want to sandwich, so maybe I can work on those today. Plus, I'm playing around with a few floral fabrics cut into bricks.....I guess that's what a 4X8 is called. I got the R/W/B top all sewed together yesterday, so should get that pressed and see about borders, too. As usual, I'm helter-skelter. :-)


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I am directly on the cusp of spring to summer mode. In spring, when mornings are chilly and it's more pleasant to work outside in the shank of the day...........the first hours I am up are spent in the sewing room then outside to advantage sunshine. When summer approaches and the mid-day is often sweltering, I do outside work until lunch time and come inside until the sun drops past its zenith before I resume outside chores. Today, I ventured into the sewing room mid-day and finished knotting the first half of my puff quilt. It seemed to have taken me forever, but I had a big garden to get in between rains when a tractor could get into it.

Tomorrow is the hubby's b'day and I may or may not start pinning the second half of the quilt to start knotting again. I REALLY like the way it's finishing. It's a substantial bedcover, well made and quite heavy and adequately large. It'll go on a bed come next winter and pay us back for all the effort I put into it. LOL.

Moving is so bittersweet, Linda. I have been blessed to have both of my kids quite close. My daughter and her husband moved from England and lived near for six or seven years before moving to Texas, and my son and his wife have a farm two townships over. I get to see my g'kids and now my g'granddaughter often and it's precious to me. Best of luck on your transition and may you find the perfect house and love it there.

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Don't want to think about anyone moving. Horrors. Have just emptied and rented the MIL house and after Uncle's estate, am buried in furniture and junk. And to think I used to be able to park in the garage. Oh well. Arranged to sell some of the furniture today and have loads for the thrift store next week.

Have two baby quilts pinned and in the quilting process. Hope to be able to bind them on Tuesday as I sit at my volunteer desk job which is very quiet. I will have at least one at that point I'm sure. These are matching quilts with just a reverse of color for a set of twins due in Germany in August.

Will post a picture when they are done. Then it's on to another baby quilt for a step GGrandchild. I love baby quilts. You get done so fast. But, I'm running out of babies.

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This afternoon I've been working on the fan quilt. Tomorrow after church and the rain I am hoping to weed, so probably won't get anymore sewing done.

After living in our first home for 30 years, we moved 9 years ago and are so glad we did. It was just getting too congested in our old town. Now we are minutes away from so many lovely areas to hike, picnic, etc. Love it. It was a chore, Linda, but well worth it. It gave me a chance to get rid of a lot so my kids won't have to some day.

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Good luck with the move, Linda...

Hope your trip back home was safe, Donna...

Calliope, working on puff quilt here too... I pinned and pleated 17 squares... haven't gone to the machine yet, but I may sew them up while I'm waiting to get sleepy here in a little while...

I'm excited though... I finally ordered a walking foot for my Bernina... they are just so darn expensive, but I found a relatively decent deal on Ebay for a "genuine" one and it's on the way now... I've not been able to quilt on that machine since I've had it for nearly a year so it's been for piecing and embroidery only... this will open up a whole new world for me! I have a walking foot for my previous machine, but I'm still bonding with the Nina and want to use it as much as possible...

Toolgranny, I worked on a quilt at my job too for the second time this week.. overnight so nothing really ever happens and it sure made the time go by!

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WooHoo! I got to sew today (before the storms got here). I think I have all the strip blocks for the forest service quilt done, but will probably make a few more (you never know what will happen).

Linda, I can so relate. We have lots of furniture left at my grandmothers. Some of it is really nice, just don't have anywhere to use it. Hopefully GoodWill can find it a new home.


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Since I finished my latest quilt this past week, I'm taking a break to decide on what next. This past weekend I decided I HAD to paint the two wooden rockers on the front porch, it had been almost ten years ago that I painted them. They were white and I decided on the complete opposite, a very dark, almost black blue to match a metal bench that we have our there also. Well, I bought what said it was primer and paint in one. I painted, I repainted, and again, and again, and then hit some areas AGAIN. Don't ever think that one coat will do, not when you go that much opposite in color. But they look great.
Linda, when we moved in 2005 I bawled like a baby the last time I went out the front door of the house we had lived in for 35 years. My son was born and raised there and many other events, both happy and sad had gone on there. But the neighborhood had gone very sour, congestion, traffic, crime, gang violence, we had to leave. And we had so much stuff. But moving into a brand new place made us really look at all this stuff and once the excess was finally dispensed with it was like a heavy burden had been lifted, now even though we've been here almost 10 years, there are still entire walls with no pictures on them because it's such a nice, peaceful clean slate. And no, I don't ever want to move again but I know that there will come a time when we can't take care of all this property anymore, so I'm trying to keep that in mind and enjoy it while I can, we only live once and at my age although the days go by slow the years just fly by.

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I finally did knit 4 rows on a baby blanket, but that's all the stitching I've done in about 2 weeks. Just in a funk, I guess. I finished quilting the one I was working on, but just didn't feel like doing binding. I'm going to make a valance for a friend, but didn't feel like starting on that, either. It's something I want to be able to take from start to finish in one session. So...I was just lazy and didn't do anything.

Maybe next weekend...


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Not lazy!
We all need to take a break occasionally and recharge our batteries.
At least that is what I tell myself.
Trying to put the house back together after the painters have been and gone. So no sewing, but I am thinking about it.

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Well I got half way done hand quilting the 5th row of my parents quilt, by working on it Friday, Saturday and after church on Sunday. I did not get around to getting any other projects worked on though. The weekend just came and went too fast and we visited with family Saturday afternoon and that evening had super at a local restaurant to celebrate Father's Day a little early with hubby's family since one of his nephews has will be at work offshore for Father's Day. Seeing ya'll work on your puff quilts, ... makes me want to work on a puff quilt one of these days.

Best to you and yours,

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