RECIPE: Almonds

sunshinesMay 8, 2009

A recent blood test reveled I have very high Cholesterol ( 190 ) so along with new medication I was told to eat red kidney beans and almonds .I really like dark red kidney beans so there is no problem there eating them.

Any good recipes using almonds? I bought a can of Planters today and chopped a few up for a spinach salad. How many raw ones do you eat daily if you have the same problem? I love almond butter but it is to expensive to buy in the health food stores.


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It's not difficult to make your own almond butter. Just toast them for about 15 minutes in a 250-300° oven, stirring occasionally then toss them in a processor with a pinch of salt & a TBL or so of vegetable oil until smooth.

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Thank you ginger, I will try that:)

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